NZWN Wellington add-on not showing in content manager

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No (XBox, I had to reinstall everythign a few times after SU12)

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„NZWN Wellington“ add-on is not showing up in „normal“ view in content manager. Only shows up after clicking on the „list icon“ (sub-package) view. I am on XBox Series X. Maybe this is connected to the new bundle that includes NZWN. As part of a bundle it would show up as a „sub-package“, but I don‘t own the bundle. I bought the airport separately.

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Debug > Display position)


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Just listing add-ons in content manager. I bought the add-on before WU12. Once I found it, I
was able to install the add-on. I don‘t have the new two airport bundle that includes NZWN

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XBOX Series X

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Noticed it when having to reinstall everything after SU12 and missing the airport, because.

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Hi there,

Two questions to clarify:

  1. You own the Flightbeam NZWS[edited: NZWN]?
  2. You don’t own Flightbeam NZAA? So, if you type in NZAA in Content Manager, nothing shows up?

I do own the FlightBeam NZWN airport, Wellington anyway. I am not sure about NZWS and NZAA. I cannot check right now, because I just ran into the „Stuck on Checking for Updates“ problem again. Anyway I tried it half an hour ago, the airport does not show up in the normal add-on view, but it does show in the more detailed view showing all the separate packages in add-ons. Since it is a standalone „add-on“ that seems odd to me.

I think a few days after I created this topic there was an update for FlightBeam’s Wellington and I thought it fixed the problem at the time, but I checked again today, after your post, and no it does not show up in the add-on view.

Sorry, I meant NZWN, not NZWS! What I really meant was that the word “Flightbeam” was not mentioned in the first post, so I wanted to make sure we were talking about the same thing.

In the content manager I typed in „Wellington“ and then I switched between the two views.

Sorry to hear that you are stuck on the updates page.

If you get in, if you could also check for NZAA, I would appreciate it!

I own both airports, so if I search for NZAA or NZWN, this is what I get:



But I don’t know what happens if you only own one airport.

I don‘t have time for screenshots right now, but the following happens.

Default add-on view in content manager
NZAA - no result
NZWN - 1 result:


Package view in content manager (more detailed)
NZAA - no result
NZWN - 2 results:


I bought that airport before it became part of the bundle. Showing it as a package in the more detailed view and the bundle in the default add-on list makes sense if you own the bundle. Nevertheless the standalone airport, like any other single package add-on, should show in both views. This is not a big problem, but it leads to confusion when you are searching in the default view of the content manager and it does not find the airport. It also suggest that there could be some problems with the structure of the metadata about add-ons and packages.

I found the reverse problem with the Pelican. It disappears in the more detailed view. I have created a topic for that as well.

By the way, „CHALLANGE“ is a typo in the name of the package and not here in my post. :slight_smile:

Closed as fixed in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now