O39 Ravendale airport: Worlds shortest runway? Mis-marked runway on bush trip

OK not really the worlds shortest but it is marked as a very short runway! I noticed this while doing the Nevada bush trip and coming in to land at Ravendale airport. It’s even in the screenshot they took and put in the nav log. How this not only made it through being planned out, dev testing, QA as well as a screenshot for the nav log without being fixed is beyond me.

In the game the runway appears like this, and before someone says I cropped out the rest of the runway, there is nothing but blank asphalt and AI marked out runway markings. This is the full length of the “marked” runway.

while the length is correct, the markings are way off. This is from Bing maps:


I mean, I would get it if it wasn’t 100% right as a small middle of nowhere airport that was auto generated, but this is an airport along one of the bush trips paths that is being “show cased” on this path. I love the game but sometimes things like this just make the game feel so rushed :slightly_frowning_face: . I will file a Zendesk ticket of course.


It’s time to face the fact that the ai has become self aware, and has a horrible sense of humor.

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