Object Permision

Confused on Wich Objects are allowed to be use when creating Scenery, I have tons of Library Objects from FLightsim.to I’m aware of the objects I Can Use, but Not sure Wich Objects I Can’t use.

Depends on the way you mean “I’ll use.” If you use an object from the library as an asset that is not part of your file and requires downloading the original library then you can use any object. Of course, you can not distribute a given library through your file unless the library owner allows you to do so. Long story short. If you use an object from an external library and retain the necessity to download that library then it is OK.

Of course, we’re talking about libraries that are so directly labeled and designed for this purpose. If you use an object from something that is not marked as a library, you should have permission from the author.

This object is coming from a Scenery downloaded from Flightsim.to to be specific looks like is coming from Dead cow Lakebed Scenery Dead Cow Lake Bed Airstrip » Microsoft Flight Simulator

There are no dependencies required for that scenery so that leads me to believe whoever created the Scenery, created the Object?

I’m brand New to this SDK thing, just want to make sure I don’t make a Mistake :grimacing:

Yes this is not a library. The author used 99% of this model Tent - Download Free 3D model by Tactical_Gamer (@Tactical_Beard) [9006af5] - Sketchfab (I recently used it as well I know). It has a CC Attribution license, so the author used it under this license (unless he created it himself). But to your case. If you maintain the necessity to download the original scenery and use this model in your own scenery, I’d call it “FAIR USE” because the author of the original scenery “gets” the download. On the other hand, if you want certainty and a clear conscience, ask the author for permission to use it this way.


Thanks for Clarifying that, it really is a Nice Tent :sunglasses:

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