Objectives & Ready To Fly for Every Flight

Even when I try to start a flight from the World Map (select Departure, then fly normally), I get “Objectives” (showing on the screen, like “release packing brake”) and "Ready To Fly button. This happens for every flight. Sim feels like I’m stuck in a Bush Trip. I just want to get in a plane, preferably cold and dark, and start a random flight, but I can’t seem to do that. Any helpful tips would be appreciate. Happy Flighing!

I’m very new to MSFS 2020 but a total veteran to all MSFS sims since the first one. I do know you can turn off the objectives from the options menu. I know these drive me crazy. I just getting started on the MSFS 2020 after years of playing X Plane series. I wished I knew exactly where to tell you to go but I know you can turn them off. The thing I fighting with now is basically just getting MSFS to work. Very buggy program.

Thank you Turion1973. I will look for that. I don’t know how they would have gotten turned on, but will check. Thanks for the tip. I fly MSFS pretty regularly and I enjoy it a lot. I hope you find solutions to whatever problems you are having.

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You can turn off Objectives in the Toolbar at the top of the screen when you’re in-cockpit.

Just turn 'em off in the options.

Yes. Found all the Assistance categories set to easy. Had to set them back to Medium and will customize from there. Much better now. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the help!

Currently the Assistance Options are reset when the Content Manager is used.

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