Objects disappier by Zoom out

i dont know exactly if that was also before the Update, but i start today in LEBL Gate 119.
Then i want to have a look outside and the Pax bridges disappiers when i zoom a bit out.
See screens…

  1. not much zoom

then i zoom a bit more out:

What can cause this ?

Ps: it happens with LatinVFR LEBL it seams


Isn’t it more a case of it appearing when you zoom in, and triggers a new LOD?

That’s an issue with the third-party scenery. A model designer has to create and define various LODs (levels of detail, basically) based on how far away the camera is from the object. The closer the LOD, the more detailed, the further away, the less detailed. That allows the system to have lower-detail, less demanding models of objects when further away but much more highly-detailed models when close up. But it’s up the model designer to create, package and include those different LOD models into the scenery.

So this isn’t an SU10 issue at all, but really an issue with the scenery in question.

yes i think so too.
Deinstalled the scenery

Case closed