Obligatory update of handcrafted airports broke my simulator

When I opened my simulator yesterday, I was prompted to conduct an update consisting of 9.6 GB of files. From what I could see, the update consisted only of new files for nine handcrafted Microsoft/Asobo airports including Chicago O’Hare, Innsbruck, Madeira and Zurich. I had uninstalled all of those airports previously because I own payware versions of them, so I was surprised that MSFS forced me to update their “predecessors” nevertheless.

Sadly, the update resulted in deleting all my settings in the simulator, apart from my saved keyboard, mouse and joystick configurations. I have now tried to restore my settings and I once again uninstalled the aforementioned Microsoft/Asobo airports, but the simulator still seems bugged for me.

When I try to start a flight or to land at Aerosoft’s Paderborn/Lippstadt airport, I encounter a CTD. I had no problems of that kind with that airport before the update.

I don’t have the AI pilot assistance options anymore when I fly in the Fenix A320, so that my “co-pilot” doesn’t do radio communications with ATC anymore and I have to do it myself.

Furthermore, I now seem to encounter lower FPS (single digits even) at times, but this could be coincidental.

Has anyone encountered the same problems (maybe with an earlier update of the handcrafted airports)? I must say that I find it very annoying that MSFS forces updates for airports that are not even installed in the simulator anymore. If that creates bugs like these, Microsoft/Asobo should reconsider their update strategy. Why isn’t it possible to roll out updates for handcrafted airports only via the content manager so that they are non-obligatory and are not forced upon users who have uninstalled those airports?