October 12th, 2023 Development Update Blog Discussion

Is there an actual description of what the “scenery gateway system” will do? It’s kind of mysterious.

I read a whole lot of this forum and every post in threads I delve into, but I have not seen a description of its features and purpose.

Perhaps someone else has?


I was disappointed not to read any comment from MS/Asobo on the massive stutter issue introduced by SU13 on console. The sim is more or less unusable in anything with a mostly glass cockpit or a plane with a lot of screens. It turns into a slide show and a lot of the time the avionics go black (but crashes seem to be less). I’m now at a point I can’t even be bothered to boot the sim up because the experience is so terrible.

I’m not sure the Xbox specific beta will help either as it seems to be specifically to capture crashes? Or does it also capture avionics and frame rate drops? I have not enrolled as there are so many people saying it makes the sim worse for console and it’s in such a poor state since SU13 I don’t want to make it even worse.

Please don’t make us wait until SU14 to have this fixed!



I don’t recognise the general stuttering issue that you talk about. I have had problems with stuttering when using the cache but not like you mention.

I’m on Xbox Series X and use many different aircraft (PMDG DC6/738, Just Flight BAE146/PA28 and many more). I do get minor stuttering issues with the Asobo 747/787 but that’s a problem with the planes I understand…

Otherwise it’s smooth sailing (:wink:) for me.

Now - Online service are unreachable

Which online services are currently offline? Can you please be more specific?

Quite a large amount of posts on the forum bug section about it.

I was flying the TBM930, dropped to 1-2 FPS, flew the 787 and same thing on approach, then after landing avionics kept going black and coming back at Nice airport. Sting S4, 1-2fps taking off from Redhill (Burning Blue Designs add on), today in the FI Spitfire heavy 1-2 second pauses in the southern UK around shoreham.

Seems to be G3000 and G3X or anything with multiple displays in combination with densely populated areas and airports with extra details (add on or Asobo enhanced).

If you’ve got it fine, then hope that stays that way for you but a lot of us are seeing the issues. Another crazy situation where some consoles are fine, some aren’t, then on another day the experience changes again. All I know is I am fed up with the sim experience since SU13 personally.


Info so far… The Scenery Gateway System is designed to facilitate the sharing and distribution of user-created scenery content. It allows the community to create and share custom scenery designs for various locations around the world. There is also a World Hub interface in the works that will allow users to search and select any airport available in MSFS, which they can then modify and share using a scenery editor.

Sure. I wasn’t meaning to lessen your experience, just sharing mine. I have only seen CTDs at a few airports (ahem iniBuilds) but haven’t done much long haul recently so can’t reliably comment on your scenario.

I’ll try some others soon. Any there any consistently routes/locations that are bad in your experience?

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The last detailed discussion of the tool that I am aware of was during an SDK Q&A in November 2022 (starting at about 36 minutes in):


Didn’t take it that way :slight_smile: I was just elaborating a bit.

The frustrating thing about the console experience is how varied it is which is bizarre for a supposedly closed and uniform system! Some people say they’ve never had a CTD, some people can’t start a flight without one! Crazy really!

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That’s cool – I do wonder about the practicality of dealing with submission volume of user-generated content when MS and Asobo won’t even enable reviews on the Marketplace, but I’m hopeful that all that MSFS 2024 estimated sales cash will pay for some of that. :wink:

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See, the console version DOES have the complete feature set of the PC version! Senseless, non-reproducible crashes included. :wink:


Hahaha I like it. And all for a very reasonable cost investment! What’s not to like? :rofl:

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So …

I’ve just started two flights.

One in the PMDG800 and the other in the Asobo/Inibuilds a310 both from EDDH (Hamburg).

The PMDG one went black screen (all internal panels were black) and then CTD.

The a310 one went black screen (internal panels) before take off.

I’m going to try from a default airport as these were from the excellent 3rd party EDDH. I’ll probably sign up for the Xbox crash reporting too.

Guess I was just lucky before (Just Flight BAE146 and EGNX).

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I feel the same - a little more detail would go a long way on some of these topics, especially something like ATC, to give us a hint between the large gaps that are the dev Q&As.

The weekly development update is very welcome, but I always wonder how much effort (hours) must go into updating the lists and images of new and updated products and the marketplace backlog. While just my opinion, I would prefer the development update to be focussed more on development of the sim and less on the marketplace side of things.

I’m more interested in what is happening with the simulator than the hundreds of products coming out month by month. Not everyone will share this view, but I expect many others do.

Here’s a fresh idea:

Consider releasing separate information for development updates and marketplace updates. Then we can check one or the other, or both :grinning:


I also think that they should consider revising the figures on the marketplace update section. For example when they say there are 48 new products 25 on PC and 23 on Xbox, but it’s actually 25 new products and Xbox is only getting 23 of them because there are only 25 individual items not 48!


Any news on whether the marketplace flow has been corrected now? I’m not buying anything until the Fokker is released on marketplace.