Oculus App update V. 34

Today oculus App update to version
Someone know if has important improvment?

Is that the beta public test channel update? If so, probably not a good idea until your Quest updates to v34. Maybe later this month?

As long as it doesn’t un do the good of v33

strangely the V34 is here on my Windows Oculus app immediately and when i open and connect the headset it says update in progress…
for V33 it tooks weeks to come to the headset…
so, in progress…

edit : at the end it ask for reboot, and after, version still V33… unclear !

I forgot where to check the version in the headset, can you tell me?

Why should be dangerous update the app before the headset?

Also got Oculus-App-Version
Will try this weekend :slight_smile:

Also got the app V34, for me it was an improvement compared to V33, which introduced micro-stutters on my system, but with v34 these stutters are (almost) gone. System: NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super, Asus ROG STRIX Z490-F Gaming, Intel i7-10700, 32GB RAM, W10 Pro.

is that with only the pc app updated ?

Yes for the moment the headset still on V. 33

in the headset, click on left, where there is the hour, then settings, then options and general and bottom

Version number in the actual Quest 2 headset is Settings->About

@BravoMike472413 @whitav8 Thanks to both

There’s also an update to the V.33 for the headset

yes that’s what my headset did, i thought it was V34 but still V33 and i didn’t check the level, so ok, update on headset… thks

Anyway I didn’t notice any improvement from this update.