Oculus Link Cable not recognised on USB-C or USB 3.1 SS Port

It is very odd that some link cables I am trying work perfectly well when connected to my Dell PC USB 3 ports ( giving 1.8 Gbps and USB 3 ) but if I connect to either the USB-C or USB 3.1 Gen 2 SS port it reports as being USB 2 and will not carry out the compatibility test in the Oculus App. I understand that Oculus are aware of problems with the ASMedia controller on some PC ‘s not working and giving this error message.
I have updated the ASMedia controller firmware and driver but they are dated 2016.

It is odd and I have those drivers too. I have an Anker cable that works flawlessly in a PCIe 3.1 card but drops out if I plug it into either the MOBO or a breakout panel.

I think there’s so much more optimisation needed.

Does Your Video Card have the USB C on it, my RTX 2080 TI does. You should be plugging it into the video card.The other ones are not for video, but for data on my PC.

My 3070 only has display ports. So there’s a lag anyway between the USB and the MOBO and the Quest. I really wish I could plug the Quest directly into the graphics card.

thats odd, I thought the same on mine, I have an Alienware Computer, and was looking at the same issue, At first I looked back there I missed it, its really small on my card and kind of hidden by other cables.

Then went into my build sheets and documentation, and saw it, went back with a flashlight again, and found it.

Seems odd that version of the card would not have it, as its a newer card than the the 2080Ti

I read about having a USB C on my laptop so got a torch and found it,but all web info said it wasn’t for graphics.So tried it anyway and works.Acer nitro I5 Nvidia RTX 2060.

No just Display Port, HDMI,

Thats a bummer, I wonder if they removed that from all the 3000 series video cards, seems weird they did it on 2080 series, and felt it was not needed on new designs unless different manufactures add it.

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