Oculus quest 2 - 3060ti vs 6800xt comparison ASW

The 6800xt is a much more powerful card. Maybe even 50% in msfs. BUT it stutters, and asw does not work right.

6800xt can do 2784 render resolution in oculus(max), with everything ultra and taa 100 and i still always get over 25 fps in msfs. Looks amazing, but i cannot play without some sort of motion smoothing because i get sick. Asw does not work as it should: it makes the head movement smooth, but the scenery on the side stutters extremely bad, like 5 fps bad. Unplayable.

3060ti can do aproximatively 2100 render resolution in oculus, with mostly high settings in msfs and taa 100. Always over 25 fps. Looks ok. With force asw30 at 72 hz in oculus, i get constant 24 fps reprojected which is very smooth all the time, even the side scenery is very smooth, no stutters. I much prefer the smoothness of 3060ti over the image quality of 6800xt.

Conclusion: 6800xt is a very strong card but does not do ASW, which for me at least, makes it completely useless.

What about support for wmr motion reprojection? Does anyone else have experience with 6800xt and reverb g2 motion reprojection? Does it work without stutters, is the side scenery smooth?

I always thought ASW was not linked to specific GPU, first time I heard that…

Did you try to set exact same settings than when you use the 3060TI with the 6800XT? If the latter is kind of on the limit with all ultra settings perhaps it can’t act correctly as ASW need some headroom to make all the computation needed?

I say this because I recently go through a case in one of my benchmark where I had some headroom on CPU and GPU side, but not a lot, and cannot go above 38fps with my oculus CV1 where I asked to lock to 45FPS ASW ON (CTRL+Numpad 3). When turning ASW OFF (CTRL+Numpad 2) it reached the 45fps locked I asked. Which mean AFAIK if Oculus see it don’t have enough headroom for ASW computation it give up (Oculus CV1 here that’s why I talk about 90/2=45fps).

Yeah, i tried it with lower settings, lower rendering resolution, i tried HAGS on, HAGS off, enhance sync, and the other stuff from radeon control panel, i tried asw 18, asw 30, asw 45, asw auto, asw auto with manually limiting fps with radeon chill, limiting bitrate to 100, etc. Whenever asw is activated, there is a big stutter on side scenery, the closer the scenery is, the bigger the stutter( i guess this relates actually to the pixel velocity on screen, closer scenery would move faster). With no asw, it is ok regarding side scenery stutter, but there is judder of course, and you need 35-40+ fps to be comparable to asw at 24fps (q2 at 72 hz force asw 30 = 24fps) , and imo a waste of computational resources which i would rather use on supersampling, especially when i know that 24 fps with asw is very playable in this sim.

I really wanted this card to work with asw, because it is so fast compared to 3060ti, and because there is no stock of 3080 or 3090 anywhere, so i am stuck with it anyway. I am even considering buying a reverb g2 hoping that is usable at 90hz@30fps reprojected with no stutters.

Ok so I typed 6800XT and ASW in google and found lot of people disappointed by performance in VR and with ASW, and having better result with a GTX1080TI. It seems to be a problem with the AMD encoder driver AFAIK. Very bad as it’s a pretty good card and I was near to buy it as alternative as I was searching first for a RTX 3080… So I suggest to find an AMD forum where you can see if AMD is planing to raise the bar here, or to send it back if you can. very sad…

6800XT is a great card for Reverb G2 or Valve Index as it doesn’t require encoding. For Quest 2, NVIDIA will do a much better job encoding before sending the date via link on Quest. No stutter or jitter and butter smooth at about 40fps without any motion projection. The caveat is that my sim consistently crashes with G2 at the moment due to driver/sim bug. No perfect setup at the moment. Just have to wait for all the bugs to be squashed.

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