Oculus Quest 2 - CPU timing Bug?


I fly with the oculus quest 2 in med - high settings on a i7 9700k 4.9ghz and 3070. The FPS is around 35 in smaller areas and about 25-30fps in cities. I have a peculiar issue I cannot solve for and it’s not a hardware bottleneck.

I have about 25 FPS sitting in LGA, but as I fly towards Manhattan, the CPU timings jumps to 100ms, thereby locking the game at 10fps there on. Sometimes this revolves itself as I fly around a few times, it sometimes resolves if I restart oculus service. Not just Manhattan, I’ve notice it to occur after 10-20 mins of flying even in a non dense area. Something is clogging the CPU.

This does not happen in 2d even in 4K ultra.

Do any of you have this issue, and please help with a solution. I have tried backgrounds apps thing in windows settings.

Thank you.

I downgraded my nvidia drivers to version 457.30 works much better. I use a 4K monitor

Thanks!! I’m on that driver too and my 2d 4K ultra is totally fine. It’s exclusively an issue on VR.

Haven’t had that issue with my Q2 in NYC, but I get it if I’m at London City Airport (payware). Had same issue with same addon in FSX. And around LA.
Just got the better “Party Link” cable. It made a difference over the cheaper thinner $25 Amazon cable. Finally my Q2 is working smoothly after 2 weeks of tweaking, but tonight when I changed weather in game from clear sky’s to Few Clouds (default not live), it CTD!
It’s always something else, VR or 4K it’s still so very buggy.
(i7 10700, 3080, 32g)

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