Oculus Quest 2 - Enabling VR flickers showing both eye lenses

I just recently got an Oculus Quest 2. After going through all of the setup and normal issues I see here, I was able to get everything running. I can switch in and out of VR in the menus without issue. However, once I start into a flight, the screen flickers on and off and shows the dual screens you normally see on your desktop monitor but inside the lenses (I hope I am describing this well enough). Long story short, switching to VR causes this and switching out of VR, it works as normal. All drivers are updated, OpenXR is working properly, and I have the newest version of everything needed. Anyone know what is going on and if this is a normal issue that is documented but I can’t find? I see people saying they are seeing flashes between the sim and oculus home, but mine seems to only show the game, but its just flickering and flashing. Its not pulling me out of MFS2020 into the home.

Specs: i7 8700K, 64GB RAM, 3080 EVGA FTW3 Ultra.

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Figured out what was causing it, you need to make sure all of your pop-ups, such as the ATC Tower, are turned off before going into VR mode.

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