Oculus Quest 2 unstable jittery cockpit fix discovery!

Having spent the best part of my day playing around with settings when using virtual desktop (may be the same using Link). I have discovered that if I place the oculus controllers on the table to the side of me I get awful screen jitter and the dreaded black sides !,. Now I guess this is the same for many others as the controllers do not work in fs2020 (: But if you hold the left hand controller up in front of you all the head tracking now works perfectly buttery smooth.
The room I am testing in is fairly well lit. So for this to work I am going to have to find a way of fixing the controller in front of me at headset height. Or from digging around on YouTube , the quest does benefit from using an infrared floodlight thingy!,

Anyone else have the same findings as me?..

I don’t have to hold the controller in front for my quest 2 to work fine.

Perhaps something to do with your guardian. Did you set it for stationary? Also making sure you have a lit room enough for the 4 sensors to work. Maybe try cleaning the 4 sensor lens?

What about double tapping on the side of the headset. Does the passthrough work okay?

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