Oculus Quest 2 vs Rift S

Okay, which one is better? I am concerned about the clarity in the Rift S (which I now own)! It is a bit blurry in distant viewing. Up close is pretty good though still, a bit blurry. (Yes, I have read all the posts and am using all the latest OpenXR toolkits and have done all the tweaking of the Onboard Graphics settings. Just want an opinion on the Oculus Quest 2. Is it any better, or, if I upgrade to the Quest 2, will it be about the same?

You will need a Link cable if you get the Quest 2.

I have the Rift S and my understanding is the Quest 2 is not all that much of a jump. Oculus Headsets are more geared towards those just trying to get their feet wet into VR (due to the low price). Quest 2 boasts higher res and refresh rate over the Rift S, but still requires a physical cable to be connected to the PC and the Headset (for most games at least).

If you’re looking for a proper upgrade, consider an HP Reverb G2 or Valve Index. FS2020 is best optimized for the G2

That just isn’t true - I never use a cable any more with my Quest 2 and I’ve seen many posts from other users who also don’t. You can use Air Link, or even better is Virtual Desktop (and you can play any VR games with it - cable free) - and there is no substitution for having free head movement without having to concern yourself with a cable.
I use Quest 2 and Index. Whilst I prefer the graphics in Index (for scenery only - cockpits are usually better in Quest 2) I use the Quest 2 more often entirely to free myself of the “shackles”.

edit: And since I got myself a cheap 3rd party “halo” strap, it’s also the most comfortable headset I’ve had out of Rift CV1, Quest, Rift S and Index

Then why buy a VR headset if you’re just gonna play the game in 2D anyway? At that point why not just buy a TrackIR, a 70" TV and sit 6 inches away from the screen?

I mean if you want to run everything on a cell phone processor i won’t stop you but i prefer having something i can just plug in and have work. I don’t want to have to download a $12 app or buy a $75 cable just so i can play my $60 video games.

The Quest 2 works fine for me using airlink. I also have a Rift S and haven’t used it since I got the Quest .


do you have an link for the Halo??

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You seem like you know very little about the Quest 2 and it seems you aren’t interested in understanding or knowing what it can do and what is just jibberish, so I’ll leave it to you to keep on discouraging people with false reasoning.


I’ll send you a pm

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For some reason my Quest 2 is unusable through Oculus Link (Cable or WiFi) but works great through Virtual Desktop.

I use the link cable to keep the power topped off but I like to be able to unplug it and walk around with the camera view.

I have a fairly basic setup, GTX 1070 and Quest 2, but I love it!

I went from a Rift S to a G2 and the difference is night a d day. I would imagine Q2 is somewhere in the middle, but with compression artifacts. Do yourself a favor and get a G2!

Great, thanks. I bought the Rift S because it was what I could afford. And the quest 2 was not out yet. I will have to save my $'s before getting the G2, but from what I’ve read here, that is my upgrade choice.

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