Oculus VR - Disabling ASW gives much Smoother Experience (SU6)

There are some useful shortcuts one can use with Oculus VR, which are the following :

*  Ctrl-keypad1 : ASW Disabled

*  Ctrl-keypad2 : Force 45 fps no ASW

*  Ctrl-keypad3 : Force 45 fps with ASW

*  Ctrl-keypad4 : Enabled ASW auto

ASW is probably enabled by default, and at least on my system, ASW is, since SU6 (though I am not sure if SU6 is the culprit) a stuttery mess. But as soon as I hit Ctrl-keypad1 to disable ASW, the experience is so much smoother, so that’s great to keep in mind especially for those who might have ASW enabled by default and do not know these shortcuts and/or don’t want to use OTT.


These are by default or do you have to run a utility for these shortcuts?

Those keyboard commands are built into Oculus software so nothing else you need to do with any Oculus headsets. Just remember that ctrl#+keypad# that the keyboard # needs to be from your keyboard’s numeric keyboard, not its top row numbers. Nice thing about these commands is that they can be done on the fly so you can easily see the results in your headset.

I use the free addon Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) to set asw off globally and this also works well.

The problem is that with ASW off, you get ghosting and judder. Many people get motion sick of this… ASW on is the way to go, generally speaking, but as you say ASW with MSFS2020 is now a stuttery mess… I can’t figure out quite why…

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