I’m liking this sim a lot but I need my VR back. Let us have the option even if it’s not perfect. It was never perfect in the other sims either.
It’s just so much easier and fun to fly when you can look around by just turning you head… I only bought this with the promise of VR in the fall. Well It’s FALL. You can fine tune it after it’s released.

In all fairness, fall ends on December 21. Thought it was just the G2 support coming in the fall, though - especially if they need to wait for HP to release it. I may be misremembering, of course.

This is what they had to do with the main game, and, well… vaguely gestures at all the angry people

Release it whether or not it’s ready! Par for the course around here lol.

I’m eagerly awaiting VR too, but I’m going to sit here patiently until there are in depth reviews of the Reverb G2 with benchmarks from the new CPU and GPU line-ups.

Before wider VR support shows up in MSFS2020, remember that they are going with WMR HMDs first, THEN they will add support for Oculus, Vive, Index and all the rest… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hint: Aerofly FS2 is on 50% sale on Steam right now, it have VR built in from scratch - and a better Airbus A320 than the vanilla one in 2020. Whenever there is a patch that breaks the FlyByWire A320 mod, i go back to AFS2.

Reverb G2 is going to cost almost as much as a new computer. Oculus has a new one out that should work for a lot less. We can’t all afford big bucks for a something that may not work. I guess I’m just frustrated.

They must be getting a kick back for these high dollar VR’s

Actually, there is a hint in the name: WINDOWS mixed reality, their own platform:

If you can wait a bit, take a look at the Index, much cheaper and 130’ FOV.