Odd GPU CPU behavior

Since the update I’m seeing my CPU usage percentage rise and my GPU usage fall then it will return to “normal”. Don’t remember seeing this before.
I have a Nividia RTX 3080 - latest driver.
Anyone else seeing this?


yeah, and getting huge frame drops.


Yeah me too. But it returns to mormal after several seconds

me to, but it get´s not better:-1:


Same. Dropping to 10-20 fps randomly for a few seconds and going back to normal again.


same for me

Same here until I restarted the sim and started removing some community mods it helped a bit but there is a lot of stuttering.I wonder if they increased the LOD? Looks like my GPU usage has now dropped and the sim came to a crawl.I don’t have the best cpu atm but its normally only this high during loading screen

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thought it might be having rolling cache on but that doesn’t seem to case.

I’ll drop to about 17-18fps for a few seconds, then it goes back to the normal 30. Doesn’t happen often though, also doesn’t seem to matter if its over photogrammetry areas or not.

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This was introduced after the UK update and is still present after today’s sim update… its a deal breaker…


Since the UK update many users have this problem obviously you were the lucky ones. I really hoped that it would be fixed on this update, or at least a workaround would be awesome. So far the only suggestion( I haven’t tried because it does not make any sense playing this game offline) turn all the live functionalities to off.

I hope ASOBO hears us!

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what trouble shooting has been done on our end? I thought it was an AA problem, disabled it, and bam, the drops were back. Not noticing any unusual network traffic either (downloading photogramatry and orthos). Happens with default planes too, not just addons. Thought it could be the instrument panel refresh rate. That wasn’t it.

It doesn’t make sense that the GPU usage should tank like that. It’s almost as if the computer thinks the game has gone idle and doesn’t think it needs to allocate resources to the sim.

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This is with the community folder completely empty too.

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My game will go from locked 35fps down to 15fps, my card will boost down from 1950 to around 1350 I shut down msi after burner to see if that was the problem but it wasn’t, after around 20 seconds everything back to normal, RTX 3080

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i have the same issues since world update 3… i was sitting in paris with 35 fps in the a320 cockpit and suddenly my fps drops to 10fps and my graphic card usage goes down to 20%… and yeah this happens all 2-5 Minutes on Cruise too…

Ryzen 5600X not OC 32GB and 2070 super here at 2K. So far, although I haven’t tested it much, performance seems the same for me, if not slightly superior on some area. Haven’t experienced any tanking although what you describes reminds me a lot of what I was experiencing with my I7 4790K and 1070 back when the game was just released or so: some huge occasionnal tanking where the CPU would almost go to 0% then would suddenly wake up after a second or two.

Sadly, I can’t say how the game wuld have been before the UK update as I didn’t have my current hardware back then

SO after deleting everything from the Community folder, the drops have gone away…(for now, only been flying for 10 minutes). But, GPU utilization remains around 70-80%, and this is with MSI Afterburner off. Gonna try disabling gpu scheduling next to see what happens.

Running a 2070S @ 3440x1440 BTW.

However, one thing is sure here, my Ryzen is significantly more solicited since this update as I’m hitting 70°C much more often than I did. Previously, I would only reach this temp on brief time during a loading or over huge photogrammetry when it’s streaming a lot for a second or two. Now it’s hitting 70 much more often and would go as high as 75 whereas it NEVER ever happened before this update.

So one way or another, CPU is more solicited

just out of curiosity, the ones experiencing the huge frame drops, are you guys running the tree mod?

2080 card; before update:
CPU was running 20-22%; now 26-28%
GPU was running about 90% ; now 71-75%
RAM usage was 14.5-15.5; now 17.4-18.5 out of 32gb
Frame rates are all over the place from 22-42

Will see what happens when the new updates to the working mod longitude come out.