Odd Issues Honeycomb Bravo Yoke and Throttle

Randomly, when flying either the PMDG, Felix or FBW, at some point and multiple times per flight, I will have an issue where the gear will deploy, the spoiler will arm then disarm, the flap lever will move on their own. Also, sometimes when I arm the speed brakes my autopilot will disconnect.

Any ideas?

Have you been in close proximity to other player with the same aircraft? There is a bug in the sim were local commands can affect other player aircraft

No there is no one else close by

I’ve had the random gear deployment for awhile now. It happens maybe 1 flight in 10 and it’s always after acquiring flight level altitude, except one time it did it during initial climb but that may have been me causing it somehow. I’ve not had the other problems you’ve mentioned.

I initially mapped my Bravo for the PMDG 737 using the video from SimHanger Flight Simulation PMDG 737 CONFIG for the HONEYCOMB BRAVO TQ | Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube

Also I don’t fly the Fenix but have flown the FBW A320 and not had any of these problems. Nor with any other aircraft.