Odd model matching

What is up with this these days? When I fly with friends who are flying aircraft that I most definitely have in the game, I see them as random other aircraft half of the time.

And tonight something even odder happened. My friend was in the Bandeirante, which is an aircraft I do not have, so I expected to see him as a random twin, probably a King Air (which is what I was flying) but instead I saw him as a t-tail twin which definitely wasn’t the Bandeirante (of course), or the King Air (I could see both models side-by-side to compare), and was definitely not a flyable model in the game (I have Premium Deluxe).

Is the game matching human players with AI aircraft models? This was a fully-detailed model, like a payware aircraft. But not one that I have installed. I wish I had taken a screenshot so I could identify the aircraft definitively, but it was a T-tail twin of similar size to the King Air 350i but had a different nose shape and engines.

Anyone seen similar?

Might just double check your “Traffic” options and make sure “use generic plane models (multiplayer)” is turned off. May have gotten reset during some update.
Any chance the aircraft you saw might be a DA-62??? If you have generic models turned on, then the sim could be using some other AI airframe, but I never look that close at the AI traffic to see what they’re using unless they’re nearby.

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Good call on the generic plane models. I will check that, thx.

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