Odd patching cycle / priority for critical QoL issues

How is it that quite glaring QoL issues that were introduced in Sim Update 5, such as the mouse disappearing frequently when looking around whilst translating the camera (of which it has already been recognized that the bug is logged), or things such as plane input from the joystick not being registered when you’re looking around using right-click haven’t been prioritized for hot fixes? Waiting months between regular sim updates for these types of fixes makes no sense, not even considering the fact that we won’t even know if fixes for these things will be included in the next sim update.

Currently taking a flight and having these issues happening all the time. Yes, it’s a complicated product, yes, issues will be introduced. I get it. I’m software engineer by trade. But that doesn’t excuse the odd choice of patching priority when more critical issues then are introduced.

The world update content is amazing. We’re getting a ton of awesome stuff for free. But I just don’t fathom the rigid patching cycle for critical bugs in the core sim. It’s a sim after all. Hot fixes should be going out more frequently for things like this. Of the games I play the most, I’m sorry to say but this is the poorest handling of these types of bugs that I’ve ever seen. I just don’t understand it. Don’t any of the developers play the game and experience these things themselves?


I’ve been thinking for a while, this whole time, I agree.


Yeah, there’s not much to say I guess. Other than it clearly being a result of poorly implemented development processes.

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what an outrageous rant here. Shame on you.

What exactly do you disagree with?

I have been wondering this myself…

yeah… I mean some of these issues would’ve been noticed within 5 minutes of sitting in the cockpit. It’s pretty frustrating :grinning:

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