Odd toolbar behaviour in both 2D and VR

I have discovered some odd behaviour with the toolbar in 2D and VR.

In 2D, I open any one of the windows from the toolbar and then close the window and toggle the toolbar off. If the mouse pointer is in the location where the window was closed, toggling the toolbar on causes the previously opened window to automatically open.

However, if the mouse pointer is somewhere else on screen, the window does not open.

Now in VR the mouse pointer is a different animal so this behaviour is slightly different inasmuch as any previously opened window opens automatically when the toolbar is activated.

One more thing to note. In VR, the top right corner of the windows (weather, VFR Map etc. ) the close and minimise buttons have been replaced with a pin icon that appears not to function at all.

Great observation! i thought I was going nuts.
I think the toolbar is totally messed up. I only use VR and have difficulties to even open the toolbar. Once (surprisingly) the toolbar opens I can select a window. Then I close the window and the toolbar.
If I now try to open the toolbar, the toolbar is not opening but the previous opened window only.

Pretty much the same you described, with the difference the Toolbar is locked and not showing.
I don’t have a work around yet and we might have to wait for the next update next month. :confused:

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OMG! I really was beginning to think it was a problem specifically to me. It’s taken 2 days for someone else to notice a problem. (I’ve been posting it EVERYWHERE!). Thank you for your feedback!

I have exactly the same issues as you do in VR, but it was easier for me to demonstrate the issue in 2D mode.

Since I got the toolbar temporary working and then it stopped again I will try to find out the steps that are needed to make the toolbar functional. If you have any hints please let me know. I’m not flying anymore because of the toolbar issue in VR.
Because for now I have to do random clicking around the FligthSim interface for an half hour or so till the toolbar magically starts working again.

I’ve tried a complete wipe of MSFS from my PC followed by a complete re-install and make every setting in General, Control, Accessibility I can think of back to default. It makes no difference. Of course, since some of our settings are saved to the ‘cloud’, we have no control of those.

What I don’t understand is why so far, only you and I have noticed the issue! Anyway, I’ve logged it as a bug on Zendesk.

I knew this does not have anything to do with a clean install. It’s a program bug. I don’t understand why they always fix something and then create a new bug at the same time that makes the simulation unpleasant. Their Q/A is horrible or does not even exist. The do not properly test through the entire game when they publish new versions.
Their is another posting where they are talking about the same problem: Toolbar Menu Bug ? VR since latest update

Good to hear you filed a bug report. I did the same. I hope it’s fixed with with next version. And I hope they do not break anything else.

That other post does describe part of the issue, the bit about the toolbar not showing up at all in VR, but not everything. By that I mean windows automatically opening if the mouse is in the same place on screen when you closed it! That’s a 2D issue as well.