[Off Topic] More BING MAP - Interface

Suggestion/Scenario: If I open Bing Maps, it should detect I have Microsoft Flight Simulator and show me the location of my airplane.

And or: A full Bing Maps integration in MSFS.

  • The World Map and VFR Map can have full Bing Map Data, filters, SEARCH, Directions etc.

Since BING is already the star of MSFS, why not go all the way!?


Fully agree, this would be a really great improvement !

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Definitely. The world map is severely limited in its current form - at the very least you should be able to see country boundaries and major towns/cities to help you find your target airports. If the VFR screen showed a decent map rather than being no more detailed than the cockpit nav screens that would also be really good.

Seems really strange that in-game map presentation isn’t more sophisticated give the MS/Bing connection.

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