[OFFICIAL] Community Fly-in Event: Chile Volcanoes

This will be my first multiplayer flight, and I cannot wait to try it!

I am having trouble getting discord to let me into the group via its authenticator so I don’t think I will have voice chat but will follow as best as I can!

If you open the #important-info channel, there is at the bottom a message from Flight Simulator which says “React to this message to access the server!”.
Once you did this, you should see all the channels in that discord.

I tried it with Discord audio and having the twitch stream running in parallell, which was just exhausting since these are two audio streams at the same time. For the Fly-Ins I therefore just use the twitch stream to follow along.

A simple precision:

In the server list, I have for Europe:

  • Western Europe
  • Center Europe

But no North Europe

Do you mean Western Europe instead of North Europe?

Hi thanks for your reply!

I tried to do that and it asked to authenticate with my Xbox account but this didn’t seem to work so I was not allowed to access the discord channel :frowning:

I will try again later today to see if I can get in or alternatively use the twitch stream as you have suggested. :slight_smile:

I know this probably doesnt help you much but in my server list North Europe is definately there!

Looks like it’s a translation issue. This was raised as an issue here but it might have been closed in error due to bad timing with the service outage recently.

Europe (Center) looks to be the correct server. I had the North Europe server manually selected and changed the language in options to confirm.

image image

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hello. sorry to ask such simple question:
what time is 2000Z?
Is it european central time (paris/berlin/vienna)?
Thank you for response

2000Z is GMT UK time so it will be 2100 local time in Europe (Paris.)

Well I managed to get into discord - I think it must have been a glitch yesteday - so look forward to talking to you all on the flight! :grinning:

Yes, definitely a translation typo here, thanks for your reply and for the pointer

That helps!

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Hello all,

Thank you for flying with Duck Airlines :smiley:

I would suggest to use “clear sky” or “high altitude clouds” option, as the “few clouds” are usually too low with the default setting… they may block the view of these beautiful summits.

Otherwise it is still possible to raise the cloud layer1 altitude to 12000 fts but I don’t know what will happen if all players don’t have these customized settings ?


count me in!

Thanks for the insight!! Very excited to fly your route today.

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do we have a voice channel somehow? In discord i can hear nothing.

I enjoyed the music and comments (jokes ?)… Thanks !


It was lots of fun and the scenery was awesome. Thanks for setting this up!!


I added a bunch of group shots due to the stream failure, just in case.

Was a great fun again! Thanks for planning and hosting and moderating the event :slight_smile:

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That was my first ever multiplayer flight, and first ever time on discord!

Those mountains were cool in VR.

Thanks for an awesome flight everyone!

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