[OFFICIAL] Community Fly-in Event: Florida Coast


Many experience that, in various ways. But there are plenty threads on this issue, so I think it’s not the best place to discuss it.

By the way, I added the version of the green nameplates now for all to try (see link in my last post above).

Yeah, I just downloaded that. I was using the blue one previously, but will give this a go.

Sorry I missed it. Forgot to check here and had tomorrow on my calendar :frowning: Will remember to check for next week’s.

Thanks everyone!


It was great! This is truly what this sim is all about and differentiates it from others. The only thing I noticed was that the host had much less cloud cover than what I had at my end.

Looking forward to Japan event next week and many more!

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In my case it was actually pretty similar. Of course the position of the clouds was not the same but the rain cells and sun spots were almost identical.

Ah, by the way @simtom2: I really enjoyed the section where you didn’t go full throttle since then a bit of hand flying an deviating didn’t mean to lose you (don’t want to slew).
So if possible I suggest to find shorter routes where you have the time to throttle back a little. Also landing on some small airport(s) on the way was fun on some of the Fly-Ins, it also helps to group together and have a short break.
Not sure if it’s just me, but maybe you can incorporate this for the next sessions :slight_smile:

Yeah, the problem is that we mostly create the routes with a full throttle in mind, which leads to situations like yesterday where we had to cut it short. We’ll definitely take your suggestion into consideration :slight_smile:

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