[OFFICIAL] Community Fly-in: Guided Tour of London

This is what i thought. So i will wait their.

Rodger that.

Flight plan has been uploaded!

flight plan is now available at https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1plgawq3K7_5WHJBwnleMjIGHzo4n-ihn
I am about to download it

So to get the actual “guided tour” part, are we supposed to have Twitch open while flying? Or can we hear it on Discord as well?

Which Discord channel are we supposed to use?


There will be a tour on the Twitch stream if you wish to follow along there, but there is also a voice channel on Discord called “Community Fly In” if you want to join to chat with anyone else flying!

Looks like we’re about 15 planes or so in queue for the runway! Mostly Xcubs but some are in another plane that I don’t recognize.


What a wonderful sight, right?
Just waiting for you @Jummivana, @simtom2 :smile:

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Can’t wait to tune in for this stream! Wish I could be joining you in the sim, but watching is the best I can do while “at work” today. :frowning:

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I’ll wave to you :slight_smile:

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That’s weird, i can’t see anyone even if i have multiplayer option enabled :thinking:

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Have you confirmed you’re on the correct server (West Europe)?

That seems to happen sometimes, try changing the server and then switch back to West Europe.

I had the same and went to settings > data > multiplayer off and then on

Man, what happened with departure to the east?! We were so nicely lined up!

Let’s get the A320 into one of these streams and do a community fly around at a major airport. It’d be great to fly together as airliners in addition to GA.

i tried everything you all said but i’m still alone in the world :thinking:

Won’t be flying today as London taxes my system too much, so here’s a shot of all of you from the map, shortly after the take-off from EGTF.


Am on the discord, but not seeing any voice channel. Guess willo just take off and catch up