Official Discussion: 18 Nov Dev Stream

Even if you don’t normally watch the Q&A’s, you really might want to catch this one when they get it uploaded on YouTube! I’m sure Jayne, et al, will put out something in the forums, but run, don’t walk, to watch it this time! So many good things coming!

[OFFICIAL] Developer Stream - November 18, 2022:


I tuned in but it was a helo flight with (Sergio?) from the Heli simmer website. I’m wondering if because of the time change (we don’t observe it in Hawai’i) I was off by an hour?

You watched the wrong video. That was from several days ago.

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The Working Title announcements were insane. Holly molly they have been busy.


Indeed. Although it should be a surprise to no one as they’ve been pretty open with what they’ve been working on over the last several months. There was no mystery there at all other than when we’d actually see these new toys. And now we know.

Been waiting for the TBM so the next beta will be awesome. Did he say end of Dec?

is there some schedule or announcement for these dev streams? I always miss them.

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Well, this sounds interesting. Just got done the Community Fly-in, but I’ll watch the VOD once it’s uploaded.

Available on Twitch already.

Phew, 3.5 hours.

Anybody took notes? :sweat_smile: What’s the gist?

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Maybe someone who had watched the stream can confirm this:

When Jorg has said that there are three key aspects in the sim that they are very high complex to develop (Seasons, ATC and water dynamics)… Has he said that we won’t expect their upgrades during 2023? or maybe I’ve understood incorrectly?.

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They are found in the News & Announcements section.


Pretty much the whole stream was great, except for 1 topic that was a huge let down imo:

The AI

They dodge massively the question by saying that we(beta testers) reported the problem too late to be fixed…

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Unfortunately, that’s what I heard, too. I know they’ve always said both seasons and ATC were going to be difficult, but I had hoped for something earlier. Cross our fingers and hope maybe it gets done earlier.

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I remember the Q&A part only being about 1.5 hours. I think the rest was the normal Friday fly-along that got tagged onto the end of the formal Q&A. Makes it a bit easier to take. But it was mostly a very fast 1.5 hours with all the info they had.

It was hard to understand but I understood that he said “don’t be upset if it’s not out in 2023”


Actually, it was a COMPLETE surprise to me… lol. At least as far as the updates to the planes. I am very excited for this new series.


The whole stream did get jumbled with the Community Fly-in but I’ll have just the Dev portion posted to Youtube as soon as possible! Uploading now and waiting for captions to populate.


Most welcome information from Seb

They WILL be adding “UI for Turbulence” – ie Slider(s)

Now EVERYONE can have what they think they want, in terms of Turbulence.

Thank you Asobo …

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Will a transcription or summary be available too at some point?

This one had so much information in it, it’s definitely worth a second viewing to make sure I didn’t miss something while I was cheering for what I was hearing. Both the guest presenters were wonderful, and the rest of the information was great, too.