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Hmm…guess August is in taking over September now :joy:


Disappointed about the delay of SU10. That said, the team are making the wise decision to hold off rather than rush it out the door knowing there are issues.

I’m cool with waiting


I’m glad the SU10 release was delayed - they had some issues with memory optimization, and need more time to sort them out (working with NVIDIA and AMD, if I understand correctly).

For those not on the SU10 Beta, Working Title’s Garmin G1000 NXi is replacing the Asobo G1000 as default in the sim (for planes that have a G1000). And the same software is available as a free add-on in the marketplace for 3rd party planes that use a G1000. I’m relatively new to MSFS, but this update is really great. It does almost everything the real units do (depending on what a particular plane is equipped with - not all planes have a radio altimeter or weather radar, for example)

MS and WT put out a feature video today:


Anyone else pick up on the somewhat vague answer by Martial when asked whether memory constraints on the XBox would affect the PC version? He mentioned something about having to meet memory constraints as a developer, and there are higher LOD’s on PC than on XBox, but it wasn’t what you would call a yes or no answer.

You know, it’s odd. Whenever questions about cross platform stuff one up on the forums we are repeatedly assured that they have separate code bases, and yet we keep seeing, and hearing things that seem to dispute this. Obviously there are differences, but when key questions like this come up, the answers are always somewhat fluffed, like they are trying to massage the answer.

The question was asked at 01:17:04


Think this is what we call ‘creating a mountain out of a molehill’.

Pretty sure they have 1 code base for everyone, with tweaks and settings specific to each platform. They’re not going to maintain two separate codebases for essentially the same application.

When talking about memory optimisation, I don’t think they’re trying to obfuscate or ‘hide’ anything, it’s just a matter of things like this being very complicated and trying to keep things understandable and high level and using laymens terms for everything. He’s not going to delve into deep technical details in a public Q&A.

Beginning to really dislike this base attitude of constant suspicion and immediate distrust about everything they say on these forums. Any discussion about Asobo seems to already come from a place of distrust and suspicion, or questioning their competence by armchair pilots or wouldbe software engineers.


I think that attitude might disappear when performance isn’t repeatedly eroded.

People don’t tend to get upset when things are going well. It’s a response to a situation, not a default position.

Delaying the release is a good step. If they had released it in the current state, more of that stuff you don’t like would likely pour out on to the forums.

Also ensuring those with high end PC hardware can actually make use of it, without artificial restrictions due to the XBox specs would also be welcome. The first Beta, despite its issues, showed this was possible. Hopefully Nvidia can assist, and those levels of performance will return. And if not? Well, that will be speculated upon.

If I have 32GB of RAM, let me use it.
If I have 24GB of VRAM, let me use it.

It’s not a big ask is it?


Sure but it’s clear that they’re still trying to stabilise and optimise the game to run well/good/acceptable on more constrained systems first.

Once that is accomplished then you can think about tweaking for higher specced systems.

You can’t do that the other way round, really.

I’m on a PC myself, and I’m sure this will come.

They’re are not, in fact, idiots. And you can be sure they and Microsoft are very aware (internally) of most problems and bugs and issues that exist in the platform. But they’re also constrained by time, human resources and other business constraints we don’t even know about.

I just object to this sense that some people have that Asobo is always out to somehow personally screw them, or is ignoring their personal pet problem or bug.

Anyway, I was more expressing a general feeling I have, rather than start a personal argument with you in particular :slightly_smiling_face:


The biggest problem im finding with xbox whilst running both concurrently is it just doesn’t like the larger planes on xbox, even the default ones.

It seems to me that airline + 3rd party airport = CTD

This must be a memory issue of some kind because ive had differing results on xbox.


FSDT Zurich to FSDT Basel + Default A320 + Live Weather = CTD on landing at Basel
Justsim Dussedorf + Grand Caravan = CTD
LVFR Miami + Dreamliner = No CTD
Justsim Stuttgart (at gate) + A320 Neo = CTD
Justsim Stuttgart (Parking) + A320 Neo = No CTD

All GA aircraft have no issues what so ever with any of my 3rd party airports in any weather.

Its all a bit random but it does point to some stress on the system thats causes it to stutter before returning to the xbox menu.

Also one final note: This hasn’t always been the case. At launch and for a few months up until October 21 I could fly any plane from any airport even third party without many CTDS.

I once flew the A320 from Miami to New Orleans no issues and the A320 from Monterrey to Mexico City.

Not super long flights but not short either.

Me neither, and I agree with your sentiments. What was done once before, can be done again. Hopefully Nvidia can get to the bottom of why there were issues with DX12 memory management, so we can all makes the most of the benefits DX12 brings, no matter what systems we have.

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Thanks MFS-Team for your transparent approach to all the issues.

I watched the stream yesterday and IMHO it is a wise move to delay SU10.
The NVIDIA explanation for the performance issues makes sense and I can image that it was a careful decision to come clean as finger pointing is often counterproductive.
On the other hand NVIDIA has a good track record ironing out issues like these with developers.

Every development studio out there should take a page from your book on handling communication.


Great news to see Canada coming! Pics were great and can’t wait to try it.
I would have taken the Beaver with it but I can wait two more months.
Looking forward to see if they will improve a lot the aerial coverage of Bing map because a lot of surface in the North, even around Quebec City which is nooot so north, has no Bing map coverage.

Anybody discovered the typo in the Canada slides :rofl:

I spotted they spelled “prioritized” with its US spelling. There were also a lot of instances of abbreviations that were underlined, so had not been added to users address book, and accepted as correct.

On Xbox there are actually known issues regarding the memory management, too.

That’s one reason people don’t have leisure boats on Xbox because Asobo don’t want to add additional overhead right now.

Related topic:

On PC in the Q&A yesterday they also talked about memory optimizations added at some point back in the days which seem to have gone havoc on some systems. They realised that now after the flighting on SU10 and are looking into fixing that.

On SU10 Beta they added some telemetry to track such stuff down :slight_smile:

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2 weeks doesn’t seem very long. I hope it is enough time. My personal thoughts are if it takes even longer then just take the time the team needs.


Make it right, rather than make it right now.


The delays sound like, the issue is been found and propably fix, but need a new build to certification for Xbox and this take 4-7 day before approved


EDIT I removed the Cloudflare DNs and now its working :slight_smile:

is there something wrong whit the servers?
My download for the Dev version is stuck download speed getting up to 0.30Mbits/s and fall instant back to 0