Official Discussion: August 19th, 2021 Development Update

Asobo, what about fixing core stuff? Live traffic not working at all, weather bugged…


Well, be prepared, because it seems like that with every update lately they have found a way to break something, or a lot of things…and to be oblivious to what they did.


Agreed 100%.

I’ve previously mentioned that I think a moratorium on World Updates is warranted, to show a complete and total focus on fixing the many outstanding problems. But, the response is that the skill sets are different.

Well, how about fixing the missing runways, missing airports, major airport layout errors, terrain problems, etc, etc. The skill set is exactly the same for that set of problems, many of which have been an issue since the day the sim was released 1 year ago. Redirect Scenery Dev Partner resources to fix what is broke or missing… same skill set.


I don’t know, anymore, what to say.

I have been an ASOBO supporter and defender.

But, there are many problems that many, fortunately not myself, have with the basics of flight, and the basics of FS2020 working and this “Sim” working at this basic, load and run, that I do not see any interest in the simulator basics from ASBO.

From this discussion, I only see that similar and repeated attempts to dangle the pretty fruits to entice us.

Fine, we love the pretty fruits, but we desire more.

And, I should not say this, but, there will be someone else that can
develop a Flight Simulator based on GOOGLE maps etc. , with the same graphics that can deliver us Flight Simmers what we want.

So fine, read this while you can before it is taken down.


But if not, all that it is well, but when is what you are going to announce, well we made a game of aviation with superb decorations where you can travel and discover the whole world with a controller xbox to, good news, for all there minority of player coming from fsx, p3D, x plane, we are going to make you a simulator that we made you dream with our caterer and to propose you the best simulation of aviation, besides the decorations

About windgust bug thats not in the list of fixes

Looks like this obvious and important bug is not fixed in the next update either. They didn’t list everything but this type of bug they should have listed at the top of fixes. Why fix small lod popping issues when the wind is not working propperly that makes the planes fly? Sorry i don’t understand this anymore. Can someone explain the priority to me please? I think i have the answere my self and it’s allways graphics that comes first because that is what we can see.


Looking at the (draft) release notes. I would say. Alright, a step in the right direction. So if they don’t break more than they fix this time, we might actually get at some of the (if not all of the) visuals back from pre SU5. And usually the actual release features even some more fixes.

My next favorite fix would be the darn Flightplanner and the AP which relies on it, which affects all planes and forces a lot of workarounds when flying procedures etc (eg. turn around bug).

BTW. Nice view of the Matterhorn. So you can play AirZermatt :wink:

Probably because of the huge back lash on the forums after the last sim update when PC users were (rightly) upset that their LODs and detail leaves had been thrashed to accommodate Xbox.


Indeed, very good blog. Thank you MSFS for your hardworking !

Sometimes this forum leaves me speechless.

Reading these shortened release notes more than 2 weeeks ahead of release containing stuff people were loudly asking for and then saying Asobo/MS aren’t listening…



The world updates are the most exciting content for me. I’m particularly excited for this world update because I do most of my flying in Switzerland and it could use some love. Switzerland doesn’t even have a single POI in the base game yet and could use some work in the elevation maps department. Nice to see new aerials coming.

They have separate teams for content updates and bug fixes so it would be counter productive to hold up one team for another, in my opinion.


But this is a flight simulator not a graphics simulator. Maybe i’ve bought wrong product

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Thank you for bringing this up again. Especially this point: “Tree draw distance to the horizon” - stright up a lie. (you can only and to en extend archive this with setting LOD 400-600 via config).


Most of the toxic stuff posted here on the forums after SU5 could make you think otherwise.


There is a Q&A coming up - have you asked the question?

Just for context, I think part of the problem is the communication. There are too many asynchronous channels of communication; We’ve got zendesk, which has no global visibility, and the bug lists, which have varying update cadences (And I’d argue don’t even contain HALF of the known bugs in the game platform), and then the release notes themselves, which by asobo’s own admission is often missing lots of notes.

Just for comparison, have a look at how Bungie is handling their massively popular and complex game, Destiny 2: |

It’s just a vastly more clear, centralized, and accurate system for conveying the “state” of the game, and letting people know what is being fixed and when, and how it impacts them.


Why don’t you add the question ot the dev Q&A if you’ve not already?

I don’t need context to see that no matter what MS/Asobo do (limited by time) will make those people happy.
It’s just beyond my imagination how people can react like that.

You can’t compare MSFS with some other game.
And people here are angry for some other reason than transparency. Asobo fixes things that people ask for and then it’s not right again. Seriously.


Is that a deliberate typo? You know what that means, right?

Sure, I suppose if someone wants to save time, one could generalize an entire group of people.

All I’m saying is that it’s possible to have a much more clear and concise communication system. But you’re right, its’ not a panacea.

And I’m not sure what you mean by saying you “can’t compare” them - It’s not really a comparison - It’s just an example of way WAY better way of dealing with a huge customer base, handling a massive quantity of bug reports, and communicating that information.