Official Discussion: December 16th, 2021 Development Update

Oh no​:woman_facepalming: so with every “fix” we’ll get these kinds of surprising “features”? Hope you guys get it all back I’m afraid to look now.:eyes:

Just an FYI. We did get this reply on the Logterm for XBox thread.

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Thanks bro. I appreciate it

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Whilst it’s fully understandable the team will of course want to spend time with their family over Christmas and absolutely should, if you are able to push a hotfix out I think everyone would appreciate that sooner rather than later. That’s if it’s ready, of course. The BETA is still full of bugs sadly, especially in regards to the weather.

Surely though, you can’t be proud of the current iteration of the game? Think of the amount of users that are being gifted MSFS for Christmas to be met with such a buggy piece of software that doesn’t work correctly in so many core areas.

I really hope we see some hotfix before Christmas, but based upon this Dev update, it looks like we’re stuck with this mess for the time being.


I for one can say that although getting a hotfix before Christmas would have been nice I can live with the sim as is for the holiday season, those that can’t can just switch to the beta. I can see why having incorporated “fixing the weather” into this beta was never going to be an easy task, especially trying to get concensus by committee.
It’s important to recognise that the dev team are fellow humans working hard amid a global pandemic, and probably really need holiday time to recouperate and come back regenerated for 2022. I for one wish them all the best for the holiday season and thank you for all your efforts progressing MSFS to where it is today even if there are a few ongoing issues.


FOUR weeks with game breaking issues (Mouse in VR, TrackIR etc), not everyone is capable or wants to install the beta due to installation concerns.

The lack of any Hotfix for these issues is appalling, the lack of communication is abysmal, no apology at all for breaking the Sim we paid good money for.

Jorg Neumann where are you? Communicate with your paying customers please.


Any possible chance the Microsoft team can get that F-16 by SC Designs to the xbox x MSFS marketplace by Christmas? **asking for a friend :grimacing: (all i want for christmas is my F-16, my F-16. All I want for christmas is my F-16…)

Is this dev update for real? Is there any new information except that the team is off for the holiday season? Not a single word regarding the hotfix? Guess there will be many disappointed people who are gifted a broken sim…


DId you read the dev update ? It was the last one for this year → no dev update means nearly no marketplace update anymore.

I have been waiting for a CTD fix since SU5 released five months ago. Every flight I attempt results in a crash to desktop, even in safe mode. I am beyond disappointed that the issue hasn’t been addressed by now. I was hoping that the current pre-release build would go some way to fixing this, but it’s just as bad as before.

It’s clearly affecting a large percentage of both PC and XBox users. Why aren’t CTDs being given the highest priority? Will we see another pre-release update before the holidays? It would be nice if I could actually use the simulator I paid £90 for.


I’m pretty much speechless. No hotfix - zero mention of one. Marketplace is a disaster. I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on airports, aircraft and other scenery to find I’m missing it all of a sudden. Where did it go??
After a week without flying while eagerly awaiting a hotfix for a variety of serious issues, I decided to take a chance and fly an hour ago. I dare NOT go to the Marketplace because it resets assists to easy every time. Now I have no route on my VFR map as I fly the FBW from TNCM to KSFO. I know for a fact that my STAR into SFO is going to require a great deal of improvisation because the FBW (development - I can’t use the stable version) 320 FMS will not adhere to a fs generated STAR. Perhaps I should have used Simbrief but I just got home from a heavy work day, it’s Friday night here in Perth WA, so I just wanted to be airborne at FL360 going west to chase the sun - just about anywhere that wouldn’t result in a CTD. So I avoided Europe because my last flight from OMDB to EKCH resulted in a CTD 5 minutes before approach.
Fingers crossed I don’t wind up with a CTD just when I see the ILS CDI and GS bars align on 111.70 to RWY28R. Greasing on and taxiing to the gate is the climax I need… forgive me if that sounds perverted… I don’t mean it to be.
Anyway, happy holidays folks and here’s to a great 2022 - I include Asobo and Microsoft team here because you DO deserve a break. Stay safe and COVID free everyone.
Cheers from down under :+1::airplane:


Dev update is not a must when they release SU7 hotfix before Christmas.

I dislike the term hotfix. Taking up to one month plus is not fixing something that was broken.


I really like the F-16….

It’s not The Bug List. It’s just a list of most the upvoted forum bug threads.
The list is but one input parameter for prioritization of bug fixes. This becomes evident when you compare the list with the release notes accompanying each SU.

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They are, but some of them are very difficult to track down.

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Disappointing update…MSFS will continue to remain unflyable for me and many others due to CTD’s, bugs. I don’t get the lack of urgency for getting a hotfix out. I have a lot of money in MSFS right now and it’s just not usable. Unacceptable.


@SeedyL3205 seriously, is there an official response to all this?

How can it be justified to have CTD’s and bugs that make MSFS unusable?

What about refunds? This has gone on far too long without a fix. I have a product and associated Marketplace purchases that cannot be used. What is the response to this?



Could you please give us some feedback on the Beta and hotfix? There has been no communication at all since the beta started and I personally would at least like to know what’s going on with that before you all go on your well-deserved vacation. Is the current state of the beta what the hotfix will look like? Will there even BE a hotfix? Will you do something about the weather system BEFORE SU8? Anything… And reading this thread I get the impression, I am not alone there.

PLEASE throw us a bone and don’t leave us hanging by a thread for weeks without at least some feedback!


I completely agree with this and its the very least the team could do !!