Official Discussion: December 2nd, 2021 Development Update

Great news! I can’t find Jane’s post explaining the best way to do a beta install…

Did I understand correctly that it is best if doing a beta install you should:

  • Uninstall your current installation if installed on the default location on your C: drive.

  • Reinstall it at another location like C:\Georges Sim\

  • Then install the beta sim at the default location.

After the beta is complete:

  • Uninstall the beta sim.

  • Keep the original sim at C:\Georges Sim\

  • Update the sim as instructed

Do I have this right? Thank you for your attention.

@BlueSkyPilot416 the best thing to do is just install it in a non C: drive location. So just C:\Georges Sim in your example

Sign up for Beta - Install the Beta.
When Beta finishes, Sing off the Beta
Just go to Store and update with the latest build from Store.

Just point to the C:\Georges Sim at all times during install.

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Thank you I will be looking forward to testing!!

Thanks mpvalmiki, will do and thanks for the quick reply!!!

The middle mouse button toggles for me. Have you reset your mouse profile to default?

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The instructions are on this topic (directly under the first image in the post):

More instructions and the list of patch notes will be available Monday the 6th.


Sounds promising for fixes! :+1:

Thanks! I thought I was losing it…:grinning:

Please, please have a date for the weather and terrain API at the next update.

Marketplace update “slightly delayed”, will it be the same as the Seneca to be released “in the coming days” they announced three months ago? Not that I’m expecting anything but new airports and scenery whatsoever, especially on the Xbox.


So where is the fix for the mouse clicks being off ?

I have checked the list of known issues and it is not there.

See here : Click spots in cockpit

Fixing the click spots issue by turning lens correction off is NOT the solution.


You clearly did not read the blog post, did you.

There is no set release date for this specific build as we will evaluate your feedback to determine if/when we can publish it to everyone, but we will provide updates to you as often as we can to keep you informed on the process.

Here, go read it yourself and then come back if you have any questions: [BLOG] December 2nd, 2021 Development Update


I must say this dev update is the most informative dev-update! Thank you so much! And very nice to see a public beta. I have prepared and set my sim to a custom folder. Make sure to make a new folder outside of wpsystem folder. I have my installation folder set like this. D:\flightsim


If you bother to read the blog post, it’s been delayed, and will be added asap.

Can I please get an update on the My Way Achievement bug? It’s pretty well documented.

Has it been looked at? Is it too far down the priority list? Is there some kind of unexpectedly complex technical issue? Is there no plan to address it?

I’ll take literally any answer at this point.

They are probably looking at bugs that either break the game, break things for a third party, or are seriously disruptive for this release. They want to have fixes in before they are off for the holidays, so I’m sure they aren’t looking at the lower priority bugs right now. But if it is on the list, they probably will get to it fOr the feb release

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Might be worth pointing out that most of the bugs on this list were known to the Dev team before they released SU7, they were included in the “known issues” part of the release notes.
But despite pre-release testing having found them they pushed that update anyway.

If the testing process doesn’t actually result in fixes being implemented before an update is pushed why bother testing this “asap Hotfix” with a public beta at all? Why not just push it live right now in whatever state it’s currently in?

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That one is listed in the update explicitly

Why am I concerned that the word MOUSE does not appear in the section devoted to the MOUSE in VR Bug:

  1. Toolbar Broken in VR - While using a VR headset and controllers, you are unable to select any of the options in the toolbar menu, or they appear to do nothing.
  • The team has confirmed and identified the issue. A fix is in place for an upcoming release.

I do hope that when the patch notes are released soon the word MOUSE appears next to this one, it was the point of that Bug Thread in the first place…


Also I hope that lessons have been learnt, cancelling the Flight Beta Test for SU7 was a massive mistake.

The sooner you devise an Opt-In Beta Test without the pointless pointless NDA and release updates that don’t break previously working features the better.
It’s been well over a year since release, please improve the Quality Control.