Official Discussion: December 2nd, 2021 Development Update

Jayne how long after the testing begins will a HF be released? Because i do not want to D/L the full Sim again after the last disaster i had removing the beta? Thanks again

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What does feedback metter??? All the SU was released with a lot bugs… it doesn’t make any sense


Thank you @Jummivana - excellent update.


@Jummivana Hi Jayne.
Today’s update was welcome reading. I know the list of SU7 introduced bugs in the update is not an exhaustive list for the next ‘asap’ release. Do you already know if the 10bit to 16bit colourbanding fix will feature on the ‘asap’ release? I ask because in the last Q&A it was said the fix was done but just missed the SU7 bus. I have all my toes and fingers crossed that it can hitch a ride on the ‘asap’ release and not have to wait until the end of February.

Thanks in advance.

(sorry Jayne, just spotted that the full list will be available Monday - I’ll keep everything crossed until then)

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Will the MS/Asobo team be releasing any additional information regarding the DC-6/Xbox issue and expected timing of a fix (outside of linking statements from the PMDG forum)?

All in all a good update and I’m looking forward to the fixes.

I did notice the screenshots for the top general wishes and bugs were missing, but they were in the “web friendly” link.

This is really incredible news. Thank you, and frankly, thank the whole team. I really want you all to have a happy holidays. You all deserve it.

Still not acknowledgment of the issue of free-look with the mouse? You can not hold the right mouse button and free look without the flight controls freezing, and since SU7 you can now no longer toggle free-look on/off with the middle mouse button.

Please, please acknowledge this.


Great news! I can’t find Jane’s post explaining the best way to do a beta install…

Did I understand correctly that it is best if doing a beta install you should:

  • Uninstall your current installation if installed on the default location on your C: drive.

  • Reinstall it at another location like C:\Georges Sim\

  • Then install the beta sim at the default location.

After the beta is complete:

  • Uninstall the beta sim.

  • Keep the original sim at C:\Georges Sim\

  • Update the sim as instructed

Do I have this right? Thank you for your attention.

@BlueSkyPilot416 the best thing to do is just install it in a non C: drive location. So just C:\Georges Sim in your example

Sign up for Beta - Install the Beta.
When Beta finishes, Sing off the Beta
Just go to Store and update with the latest build from Store.

Just point to the C:\Georges Sim at all times during install.

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Thank you I will be looking forward to testing!!

Thanks mpvalmiki, will do and thanks for the quick reply!!!

The middle mouse button toggles for me. Have you reset your mouse profile to default?

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The instructions are on this topic (directly under the first image in the post):

More instructions and the list of patch notes will be available Monday the 6th.


Sounds promising for fixes! :+1:

Thanks! I thought I was losing it…:grinning:

Please, please have a date for the weather and terrain API at the next update.

Marketplace update “slightly delayed”, will it be the same as the Seneca to be released “in the coming days” they announced three months ago? Not that I’m expecting anything but new airports and scenery whatsoever, especially on the Xbox.


So where is the fix for the mouse clicks being off ?

I have checked the list of known issues and it is not there.

See here : Click spots in cockpit

Fixing the click spots issue by turning lens correction off is NOT the solution.


You clearly did not read the blog post, did you.

There is no set release date for this specific build as we will evaluate your feedback to determine if/when we can publish it to everyone, but we will provide updates to you as often as we can to keep you informed on the process.

Here, go read it yourself and then come back if you have any questions: [BLOG] December 2nd, 2021 Development Update