[Official Discussion] DG Aviation LS8-18

I absolutely agree.
As a result, the sound indicator does not work correctly.
I think it is necessary to create a comment in the appropriate topic. I will vote.
Netto, as far as I know, should show the calculated movement of air masses, and not the vertical speed.

See further up. Sorry I have to correct my initial answer to you. The V80 is configured to show TAS not IAS at least for the DG (at least it says so on the display). I overlooked it initially. I didn’t check the LS8 though.

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According to Ls8 flight manual and also what is common in probably all gliders during slipping airspeed indicator should report significantly lower speed (this is because dynamic pressure change on intakes):

4.5.15 Side-slip
(4) Degradation in airspeed system goes down to zero airspeed indication. Depending on airspeed indicator, negative values may be indicated

This is important drawback and inconvenience of sliping that should be modeled right.

No such indicated speed change is experienced in modelled Ls8,please correct this.



The LS8 flight_model.cfg needs

modern_fm_only =1

otherwise it is unflyable for sim pilots with “GENERAL OPTIONS” “FLIGHT MODEL” => “LEGACY”

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