Official Discussion: Dornier Do J Wal

I’ll look into submitting the bug report.
It’s difficult to be sure where the bug is when I can’t see the code in the xml. It seems to be a rather simple oversight.

Ok, now I’ve made a post in the bug forum. Feel free to vote and chime in to let the issue gather some attention.

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Kuddos for you finding out.

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I landed on dam placed on top of the hill :smile:


I have posted a 1925 Wal trip in the Caribbean here:

Weltfliegers: Aviation Pioneers of the 1920/30s - Community / World Discovery - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Got only three sources about the trip, all german:

Dornier Wal : Griehl, Manfred: Bücher

Do Dornier specialists or Colombian simmers know more !?

yes - these ridges or elevation issues exist in many of the lakes and other large bodies of water in MSFS.
I had hoped that they would have been addressed before Asobo introduced their official float plane addons (aside the Icon A5) but either it’s happening slowly or not at all.