Official Discussion: Hotfix

There are still some minor issues that need to be fixed but I’m loving the game right now.

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Same here! Looking great and running great much of the time. 80-90 fps with ultra settings outside of London, looks incredible.
My main issue right now is the framerate drops when moving the camera, especially with LOD 200 (or higher). If WU6 (or a later patch) gets that back to roughly where it was I’m going to be a really happy camper, and probably stay at LOD 300-400 permanently.
(Right now at 400 I can get drops from 60-80 fps down to less than 20, in some places.)

Are you using the 1000 Glass cockpit or the old 172?

Yeah color banding is still really bad, most noticeable on clouds.


Does anybody else have a return of the avionics bug after this hotfix? Doesn’t matter which plane, doesn’t matter what settings, doesn’t matter if I install mods. One way or another my avionics will die a couple of minutes into the flight and turning avionics or power off and on doesn’t solve it. It didn’t do this before the second hotfix.

Thanks for the suggestion. If temporary renaming is all it takes, then I suggest that Asobo/Microsoft incorporate this “no sweat” protocol in the update process itself - or even more desirable, fix the Community folder problem(s) in a better, more sophisticated way. For now, I’m going to be lazy and not bother moving anything out of my Community folder or even renaming the folder as I’ve never had a problem with leaving the few added packages that I have there during all updates and hotfixes so far. I rather agree with Crunchmeister71 that Asobo/MS have the digital equivalent of a Rube Goldberg machine in the update process and they need work on improving the process. The MSFS Update process - the digital equivalent of a Rube Goldberg Machine? Supposedly, they screen updates before they’re allowed to go in the Add-Ons store. For any user self-generated add-ons, perhaps they could have a tool that a user could screen his own self-created add-ons to see if they’re going to cause a problem when added to his/her own latest install of the sim and provide clues at to the nature of the potential problem. There are great debugging tools for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community and all the languages that one can use there. Why not package debugging tools for MSFS??? (easy for me to say being an ignoramus about the SDK).

I feel your pain. I too am a retired GA pilot and flight sim enthusiast from the beginning. Eye candy is great as long as it is accompanied by realistic flight in realistic handling aircraft with realistic systems and avionics. It is hard to accept how little has been done to address those issues over the past year and then have it all turned into a house of cards to meet what had to be a management decree to “fit it into the box”. If we are fortunate enough to be able to run the sim without a CTD we still cannot shut down an aircraft without being interrupted by a logbook popping up in our face! Really, who thought that should be done in the first place and why have they not fixed such a simple issue after that has been requested long ago???

But as Walter used to say “that’s the way it is”. So let’s hope the outcry from the community is heard by management to the extent that they now bring whatever resources are needed to begin to straighten things out.

Clouds are so pixelated, I hope they fix this soon.

ATC is broken with everyone playing on Xbox? Im now at 5.000ft requesting to increase crusing altitude, and when I want to tell ATC that I require to increase by 4.000ft, still says “requesting 5.000ft”

Something they fixed :slight_smile: Better shadows/lights


Just curious and I understand that it’s totally irrelevant to the discussion, but who is Walter?:slightly_smiling_face:

The update for me arrived very late in the day and have been unable to test it until this afternoon.

Without the update although the sim would run the FPS was awful, especially as I had been used to around 40FPS on my mediocre rig. So much to my delight I’m back to around 40FPS again (having had the GeForce driver installer optimise my settings). everything is looking way better, sharper ground images and the clouds are excellent - I can even increase them to Ultra although the loss of 10FPS isn’t worth it. All running nice and smooth although I’ve spotted a few glitches which I’m putting down to addons needing updating, e.g. the WT CJ4 has a few things not working which did before.

My GPU has always run at 100% but the CPU now runs at 50-60% whereas 30% was flat out before. Interestingly the GPU does occasionally drop back to 98% which suggests that my system is now probably working at it’s maximum. S’okay by me.

You young 'uns! Walter Cronkite - Wikipedia


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Still no update in the MS Store on my machine. Sim tells me that it cannot start because there is a mandatory update…

How can anyone claim that the sim is looking better than ever before? Color banding is a new issue after sim update 5 and immersion killing. Just imagine what this looks like in VR where everything is life sized… I really am worried that people will just get used to the new normal and we’ll never have the sim we once did.

It’s clear that Asobo reduced the bits per channel of coloring, no doubt to get the sim to run on Xbox, which is now causing the banding that we’re seeing. This is a clear downgrade of graphics and needs to be fixed for PC users.




I thought you would stay away from the sim for 30 days? :wink:

I guess it’s still quite addictive and maybe not so bad as suggested by a bunch of your posts a couple of days ago on this forum. :wink:

Hopefully on a more positive tone forwards! Happy flying!

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Well the last update got me going again.
Like I said it is flyable.
Still not the way it was prior to the update.
So the mess turned into a flyable simulator with this update.
Like you said " [Why is every addon released so far underwhelming?]

the update wont show in the store until you sign into the store again, click on the three dots menu, click on get updates then download updates.
Its long winded :frowning:

nope … a technican, not a noob :wink: