Official Discussion: Hotfix

I wonder if the user that made the video had edited their graphics in the file and left it as read only

Yep, tried every single item on their website, didn’t work. Nice it works now.

Please put on your glasses and check my posts again … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you for your help. And you can’t help it. But so slowly the simulator is just annoying for me.

It’s not an update icon, I meant your avatar.

I have posted a question for you in another topic. When I get more tips I’ll post back here!

This topic is about the update process and how we can improve it. The OP and CM’s are asking our ideas about this.

It’s this topic, maybe interesting for some here as well.

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Please don’t confuse the two as this will confuse people, and that’s very confusing


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I made the video and do not have any edited graphics or files in MSFS.

My first impressions are amazing!, clouds look so much better and the resolution from my 747 is fantastic too!

I have spotted that the dropdown menu in the flight planner when your trying to pick what runway/gate to start from doesn’t have any information though, it just shows blank, can anyone confirm this too?

EDIT: I’ve restarted the game and the dropdown boxes in the flight planner seem to be working again, on the whole, very happy with this one, cheers guys :slight_smile:


Just flew a flight in the Husky. The VFR Map showed the flight plan but no track showed in the Husky’s GPS. I was flying in VR at the time.

Strange as I see no change to the LOD!
I did some test before and after and the city buildings at Melbourn still pop in at the same distance as before this hot fix

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Mine auto updated ok, I’m in Perth WA

and the atc map is still weird. and the garmin doesnt show airport to airport.

I don’t know whether it helps, but I removed (and deleted) my rolling cache, and turned it on again after a restart.
Maybe that helps (but I don’t have any proove for that)

yep, mine was1

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Ha. Setup a simple LFMN - LFMN circuit but with enough waypoints to allow me to climb to 30,000. FBW 32NX. The sim stopped responding when I clicked the yellow fly now. Will try again now

Second attempt. It’s loaded in: I still get shocking performance when panning the camera and when changing for example from the normal cockpit view, then to the overhead panel and back to cockpit view. It almost freezes temporarily

This game is a joke. Finaly they fixed the weather and had no other problems. Now with this hotfix i have CTD after CTD. What a waste of time and money. I doubt if they can get this game stable ever. Can’t wait for XP12.

Not tested for very long, but looks promising here.

  • Did not see the update in the store, neither in the sim itself, but I was already in version, so aparently it was updated in the background. Checked in my updates and FS apeared as “updated a few minutes ago”.

  • Loaded the A32NX four times without a crash. I got maybe a 1/3 change of crashing before the patch.

  • Now I can pan around without performance degradation.

  • Ground textures at height and far away look very sharp.

  • In general, it was smoother than ever.

Hope in the next long flight it is still working stable.


That’s frustrating then. I was hoping that it would be something like that where the settings weren’t able to save.