Official Discussion: Hotfix

FPS drops (-15) when undocking panels not corrected (on 1 monitor)… :confused:

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Is that a 3rd party Aircraft ?

I tried this at KJFK and I don’t see that problem there. It’s 2:30am here in the US East coast. I’ll try more airports tomorrow including the one you used.

Thank you! Voted!

Yuuuuup this one is painful. My RealSimGear GNS 530 is a pretty paperweight at the moment.

Custom graphics setting which has been created from the Ultra pre set are affected too for me!!! My question is, if we have to do this every time we create a new flight, even not exiting MSFS? Thanks for your advice!

I heard Aerosft already updated the aircraft

Thanks, mate.
after restarting 4 times, finally, the update came.

Asobo TBM930 (and all other Asobo’s aircrafts)

I did like everytime

In fact, the „stable“ version of the FBW A320nx got already fixed - by FBW - before, to work with the SU5 (so prior to this current hotfix).

So did you update the A320nx in the meantime?

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Yes, it’s actually going to -1800 ft after resetting altimeter. Go check yourself.

No, Aerosoft have not yet released the update for the CRJ.

My bad I went back to the video and it said it will be available in the next few days

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Update is still not available in MS Store in Croatia

Or, third method, find the altitude of YSSY on a map and set this altitude on your altimeter. It will give you the right pressure, then.
But, it’s quite simple to press “B”…

Click on your icon in the top right corner of the home page in the sim.

After this update, this should show


CDT loading just after TAKE TO PILOTS SEAT.

Thank you for the suggestions.
FWIW I did not have any CTDs prior to SU5.
After SU5 the game CTD one out of 3 times (no mods)
After Hotfix1 no more CTDs except when I tinkered manually with UsrCfg setting LoDFactor>3
After Hotfix2 my computer froze for the first time ever or crashed to desktop every time I tried.

Don’t know about STKP but VATSpy doesn’t show calibrated altitude. For example there is P3Dv5 user flying at FL350 right now and VATSpy show’s his altitude as 34608. VATSpy/Volanta doesn’t show calibrated altitude in any sim.