Official Discussion: Hotfix

Really, so any idea what my problems might be?

Are you saying you don’t see scenery buildings and trees popping in and out of view as you look around or more than a few miles out?

You have antialiasing that doesn’t make all the AI buildings shimmer?

You can fly around areas like New York without half of it missing just a few miles out.
Was never like that before for me.

Problem solved, it was the updated Okavango Scenery that caused the mess. With Okavango from start to Hangar,14,5 Minutes, without Okavango 4,2 minutes. And they said it was updated.

I 100% agree with you. I understand that they can’t always control rollout across the global net.
What I don’t know is whether the server the MS store gets downloads from is the same the SIM gets its scenery from.
If it is, then they could easily check. If it isn’t then they should at least add some sort of warning that it could take a while.

No I have none of the above problems that you have. I have not messed with any config settings ,I have a Dell G5 gaming PC with RTX 2060 card. My settings are all on high, and I get very good FPS never below 26.

May I be so bold as to conclude that 80% of the issues with the sim are caused by add ons?
That’s why it is so important to be conscious of what combination of software we are running.
I’ve seen mention of a mod manager a few times on this forum. Does this manager export a mod/version list? I would suggest that everybody with issues posts this dump here, so that we are able to advice on any compatibility issues.
As for the mod makers: Wouldn’t it be an idea to include a standardized tag for the latest sim version that it’s compatible with/tested on. A bit like what WordPress is doing? In this way we are able to easily deselect all mods that are not yet compatible with the current build.

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Well up until the mess I’m seeing now I had never touched any cfg settings and was running on a mixture of High and ultra settings. Have done a complete reinstall of MSFS as well but it just looks horrible.
I’m trying to see if I can get a video clip of the problems I’m seeing but making movies is not something I’ve ever looked into

One thing I’ve just noticed, is that my GPU usage drops from 100% to around 50% at times, it used to be permanently at 100% any ideas?

Well, at least there are two of us that want a realistic Sim.! Maybe FS2020 was intended for XBOX gamers all along and people like us Pilots were “encouraged” for our experience and expertise. Lets hope not .Now the XBOX is out what MSOBO do next will indicate clearly whether the devolopment of the Sim will go the way we want it to, or it will continue to feature mainly “eye candy” and only a superficial attempt at realism. In this commecial world of ours, where PR rules, deeds count more than words in my view. Tangible indications will be whether they do eventually get rid of that ****** logbook popup and what sort of ATC, and weather engines emerge. In the meantime I will put in a couple of Zendesk tickets, and “dust off” my old Sim…which at least is stable and works well. It will be nice to fly Airliners realistically again. Having flown (before SU5) over 600 hours in the Baron I’m a bit bored with GA anyway…for a while.
best wishes for your flying !

I am sorry to hear that you have problems. Well I guess with such a complicated software it’s difficult to pin point what the fault might be. But as I said before it seems that this latest hotfix left a lot of satisfied simmers here…the only problem I have are the Bush Trips that are not working 100 %

Yes. It’s been made much more efficient to ‘fit into the box’ as Lionel said.

Some high end pc users are using this argument to blame Asobo that they forget the simmers who invested thousands and are left with a horrible looking sim because of the console users. They feel tricked by Asobo.

Others don’t agree with this and say that this is a temporary situation because the Xbox release had to hit the stores on July 27th. They read the road map and watch the Twitch streams to know that PC will get high priority again from now on. The efficiency leaves a lot of headroom that can be utilized for super ultra visuals.

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Tried 5 flights after the hotfix. 4 CTDs. The clouds still look like some 3yo waterpainted clouds.

I wonder what they put in the hotfix. Certainly not bug fixes.

It could be the CRJ, I’m not sure haven’t tried any other planes as I’m flying on FSEconomy, most of the time its at 97-99% but when i land at airports its drops to 50%, wierd

Well, it wasn’t broken until SU5. It’s just very simple. Rollback the hotfix. Software version control software such as Git can do this very easily.

I can’t wait till the next stream to be able to congratulate them directly from the chat with their great achievement and with their prompt release of two hotfixes as a result of listening to and care for their user base.

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Ow, you really think this is as simple as that?

And how many people really want to revert to SU4. On this forum were many, many simmers who complained a lot about the visual quality of SU4.

So I don’t think that your point reflects the wish of the majority here.

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There is this thing called ‘maintaining your own sim according to the guidelines’. A lot of people seem to forget about this time and again and take to the forum to ventilate their frustrations. Hereby they torture people who do with their negativity and harsh remarks.

Don’t come up with this attitude of ‘I have an issue so the whole sim is unusable for everybody’. And ‘they need to do better’ and others are silly’. I encourage you to read this thread and come up with an estimation of positive and negative people. In my opinion 70/30. Which is a lot better than after SU5 hit the stores. Which proves that we are heading in the right direction.


No problems with 11 here

If i was Asobo i wouldn’t listen to half of what people say

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Clouds must be at least on high to avoid the mash potato look … but the good news is they will fix them in the next update

In @Voyager4871’s defense. I don’t think it’s mocking.

I can only answer in my experience.

1: True,
1.1: or a bug or a feature as it’s because it’s not a “fluent move” like leaning forward.
1.2: or a bug, or for me, a welcome feature change.

2: Pausing an input device (camera/software/peripherals), as in, the sim does not get any data anymore when it’s unexpected, just causes the receiving party to be “panicking”. Too answer if this also happens at my side. No it doesn’t it is a possibility that pausing at your side does in fact not fully stop (pauses). It is possible your version is “locking” the input to MFS. Also you are already explaining the correct way of disconnecting. By disabling you are telling MFS to not accept the input anymore instead of just cutting of when not expecting ;).

3: It looks like, as @Voyager4871 explains, there is something going on with your USB chipset. The sound playing is not MFS instructing windows to disconnect a device. It is windows receiving a signal from the hardware a device is disconnected (i actually am developing software which has a watchdog for connecting and disconnecting usb devices which hooks into windows events). If this happens during MFS start, while it’s loading, it could be a lot of things like for example:

  • A power supply issue,
  • Windows power management,
  • Do you use a non powered usb hub (power over usb issue),
  • etc…

Maybe the above helps in understanding, or possible helps finding out the usb issues.



Software does not think, it behaves on instructions received (internally, externally or programmed as such).
/sarcasm :wink: