Official Discussion: Hotfix

Night lighting seems improved as they stated, esp in the distance. Stutter is unbearable however. I never had any stutter this bad since using the sim… :frowning:

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Dont forget it’s also depending on peer quality and agreements between peers where routing and bandwidth are way to overpriced.

Fortunately i’m able to get what i’m paying for, with some glitches here and there as my router is not able to coop with my network nicely (guess it’s memory related).

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Is AI live traffic on? If so turn it off apply and save then turn it back on apply and save

Checking now. Live traffic was on, AI not. Gonna try using AI only.

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Didn’t help :frowning: Will just have to wait. Thanks regardless.

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Sorry that didn’t work. You’re welcome

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no matter what I do, the update will not show up in the store and the Sim refuses to run as I get a popup that a mandatory update needs to be installed.

No, I haven’t even heard of it.

Yes, it was

True. I happen to be a Microsoft Exchange admin, and you’re right that things like MaxMessageSize can come in to play here, where the sending server may allow a 30MB attachment, but the receiving one doesn’t, or their mailbox is full etc.

The analogy doesn’t completely apply. Mail systems will typically attempt to resend an email on an expanding window e.g 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 8, a day etc. unless a permanent error is met like a detected virus.

The data that we download with the sim is over HTTPS, and I’m sure it has some sanity checking in the software outside of simple TCP/IP.

The other thing to consider is some users cannot even launch the sim, and for them I cannot see how this could be an online issue. Once it gets past the stage of looking for updates, and loading the sim proper, it’s local at that point.

Crashes in flight, like those vicinity based ones, are a good example of data consistency, where multiple users report the same thing due to terrain bugs. Everyone will get these.

The ones where the sim crashes as it loads, or when the user hits Fly, those are the anomalous ones, and I find it difficult to attribute those to anything other than a local configuration issue.

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Lol k. Whatever you say.

And no external drives in use?

Did you try what I wrote here. I provided step by step instructions with pictures, worked for quite a few people.

This hotfix has destroyed the drawing distance of the Xbox Series X version. Why?? Anyone else noticing it?

Hey, thanks for your reply.
My setup is:
I7 7700K
Msi z270-a pro
32gb ram @2400mhz
750w power
250gb ssd for win10
500gb ssd for msfs
No other game installed. This pc is only for flightsimulator.
No other programs installed only a few that is required.
(acrobat reader, 7zip)

Bevor the (su4) i have no issues.
Sometimes i have one ctd. That was because of Azure. If i go with windows speech everything was fine.

I am thinking about a 3rd party atc and shut the ingame atc off.

I need a atc for emmersion, i am a single player and i have no time for ivmao, because i stutter.

I believe the high altitude LOD isn’t as bad as it used to be. For anyone flying airliners, you’ll notice a difference. For those that fly general aviation at lower altitudes, the render distance is still not that great. This was taken at KLAS, on approach. Anything above the red line isn’t rendered to the best quality. This is what everyone’s talking about.

We’re going to get there one day! I have faith it’s going to look amazing over a period of time.



Analogy is quite applicable… If MTU fragmentation would come into play where ipv4 and ipv6 are mixed with weird MTU path’s (or even not mixed ip proto’s) if used. TCP resend, TTL, buffer errors, yada yada, network stuff. But anyway…

It could possibly have sanity checking, hopefully not MD5 hashing, but maybe filling missing data in received packages with zero’s or closest neighbor, when there is too much missing some missing error handling there as it would not be able to reconstruct data.

And even then, it’s all questionable. Is data correctly read, has it been correctly written.

Also consistent malformed data supplied by servers is a possibility like in your example if users are reporting equal locations (terrain, waypoints), or equal actions where there is some data overflow etc…

It would only explainable when users are able as much data as possible.

I salute you for being an Microsoft Exchange admin…

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I experienced my first CTD since this morning after Hotfix 1.18.15. Up to this time, I have had no CTD’s since installing MSFS 2020 last August.

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I take it both SSDs use the same file system and both are not allowed to shut down to save energy

No, i have all energy saving off.
Yes both taking the same file system i think.
I am not the pc expert.
I have a full clean install of win 10 and a clean install of msfs on the other ssd 4 weeks ago.
I installed the msfs on E:.
Msfs has its own ssd. I hope you understand.