Official Discussion: July 15th, 2021 Development Update

Where can we find the Orbis Aircraft in the sim?

Oh no, Captainsim. The horror has become true.


If you read the Dev notes it says the Orbis plane will be available in the marketplace on the 27th July.
It will not be flyable, you can just roam around inside and look at all the equipment etc…

I believe the community will make a decent fly model out of it if it’s not encryped.

The dev notes also mentioned its not currently flyable. Maybe suggesting they have plans for it at a later date.

I just tried to find it myself, to no avail. So I guess there is simply a typo in the sentence here:

“The Flying Eye Hospital is available as a free download to all Microsoft Flight Simulator users to tour won July 27.”

First I thought that it is only available to some users that won some kind of “tour contest”, and that this sentence was just weird.

But after a couple of coffee sips I now assume that this is supposed to mean on, as in “available on July 27” (which - coincidentaly - is also the expected date of the next sim update).

In other words: we still have to wait a couple of days :wink:

According to the general text parsing intelligence and capabilities of the Internet the current consensus seems to be that the word “won” is actually supposed to be “on”, as in “available on July 27” :wink:

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“The Flying Eye Hospital is available as a free download to all Microsoft Flight Simulator users to tour beginning today and will be available as a free download in the Marketplace on Xbox Series X|S on July 27”

Today means today (for PC). Not on the 27th.

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That’s most definitely not what the article says lol, pretty specifically says that it’s available for pc today and consoles on launch day.

You can LOL as much as you want: I previously put a quote from the article of the exact statement which said that the aircraft will be available “(w)on 27 July”. Go check it out again :wink:

Here, I made it easy for you to find: Official Discussion: July 15th, 2021 Development Update - #26 by Steeler2340

It’s simply a typo in the article - that’s all.

Would it be preferable to redesign the taxi ribbon to a smaller size/colour? I like the option on bigger airports but the current huge blue arrows kinda mess up the scenery. It’s a bit overdone. Maybe the narrower yellow ribbon that was used in FSX would present a more discrete assistance in finding your way.

Thanks for considering.


In an article I’ve read it mentioned that the plane would be there but isn’t (yet?) flyable.

The article to which this discussion thread here relates to, specifically:

Calm down, dude! Did you press the “reload” button in your browser? Perhaps the article did mention something like this in the past, but the current statement is:

“The Flying Eye Hospital is available as a free download to all Microsoft Flight Simulator users to tour won July 27.” [emphasis added]

It has been updated


Nah, it wasn’t. The logbook is just so buggy that it doesn’t know whether you are flying or on the ground half the time. Or it forgets where you took off. That’s why the logbook end screen often doesn’t show up when you shut down the engine.

Can someone please explain to me like I’m 5 years old why the Captain Scam 777 made it into the marketplace???

It’s literally the 747 with a different exterior model… How does Asobo/MS not take issue with a developer repackaging their own assets?? Why is this being allowed?

Guess money is all that matters…


Money makes the world go around. But a long term commitment to a strong healthy community will make more money. But you gotta chase that share price.

But I’m sadly not particularly surprised. They keep letting their ethnocentrism show in the World Updates.


Oh man, I would kiss somebodies feet if the DC/MD-10 would be flyable :slight_smile:

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Hi, I would like to report that in this version of flight simulator there’s no more the tower view that was present in the older flight simulator, I think that should be an important uptade because it makes the flights with aerobatic aicrafts much more interesting and enjoyable also it’s also useful for training for RC flying models. I wish you’ll add the tower view function thanks.

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