Official Discussion: July 21, 2022 Development Update

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Were the threads from the beta forum supposed to appear on the “Bugs - Last 3 Months” snapshot? There are even a couple (“wind gusts working” and “good job on the weather engine”) that are not bug reports, so hopefully they’ll not get in the way of investigation.


“Mirrored Textures 787-8 and 787-10”

There is no 787-8 variant unless I’m missing something? Typo?

Yes, that’s been a typo for a long while. The thread title says “747-8”.

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And we wonder again when the marketplace update will be live

From the Dev Update:

Marketplace updates generally go live on Thursdays between the release of this blog post and 5pm PT.

Thanks Seedy, but hasn’t 5 PM PT already passed though ??

I gues it has been delayed a bit today as it’s 5.35 PM PT already and it still aint live, for me it’s 2.35 AM in the morning so i gues I will just be updating my products later on.

Good point. Many of those bugs probably aren’t even present in the live version. As far as I know, that “last 3 months” list is pulled directly from the forum, sorted by the number of votes. There’s not a lot of “brains” behind the algorithm.

I think Asobo could solve more low-hanging-fruit bugs/wishes if they were somehow classified by how difficult (or easy) they would be to implement.


The update clearly states in both picture and text brussles was added to xbox as well as PC yet its not there. Why does it seem almost everything Aerosoft leads to at best bad advertising, at worst activly misleading about where available. Remember that video and banner with Twin Otter, on marketplace PC and Xbox now advert when it first came out yet still not on Xbox. Just hope this isnt a repeat where gets totally forgotten

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I don’t understand the point of these updates if they aren’t read over by the developers, as you’d pretty quickly see that those items (“wind gusts are working”) aren’t bugs at all if they are reviewed. Doesn’t inspire confidence for me personally.


The thing is, the Feedback Snapshot slides are provided by Jörg (according to SeedyL recently), so it would be rather disappointing if this is the case, especially since they are not updated weekly anymore (the last update was three weeks ago in fact). I was hoping the slower cadence would mean more meaningful updates, yet there are errors like these and I’m not sure what Chinese Localisation is still doing in the Active Development slide since it was delivered like six weeks ago.

Although I appreciate the presence of the SDK Update and the (extremely occasional) Community Triage sections, I can’t say I’ll be looking forward to the Feedback Snapshot in hopes of learning more of the team’s progress anymore.


The Development Updates seems to be just a “someone is still alive” update… sadly its not rich of content anymore

In my opinion should a dev update contain a short quick view inside: What they are working on, struggling with… .written by themselfes instead of almost the same “marketing blog” post.


Where is EBBR for Xbox?
It’s not in the marketplace.

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erm… Is all i can say


Its PC only. As I said above it’s entirly false advertising as it’s clealry PC only when check in store so they somehow got a picture with both the xbox and PC symbol despite the xbox version just not being a thing.

Did it with the Twin Otter too so idk if its Aerosoft or MS but it’s entirely misleading and if I didn’t get use to checking on my Xbox due to this being such a common thing I’d of easily wasted a small fortune by now on PC only stuff

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