Official Discussion: June 30th, 2022 Dev Update

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!

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When is the beta of the SU10 going to be released?


Sim Update 10:

  • For Premium & Deluxe aircraft, the config files (.cfg) will no longer be encrypted. You’ll be able to access them!

This is great news! Thanks


anyone has encountered any interesting in this development update?

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any news about sim update 10 beta ?


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That’s great, but they could mention when the most anticipated beta so far will become available!! Joerg said ‘soon’ on the last stream.

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Wow! We have a lot of important things like critical bugs, crash’s, autopilot issues, massive FPS drops and AI. Traffic behavior marked as STARTED!

Did the test on XBOX opened the door to identify all this weirdness that emerged in the simulator over the years? That’s what it looks like. Imagine the ton of information they collected!

They seem to be on the right track.


When will the marketplace actually be updated because its still the same nothing new yet so i gues it aint live yet.

From the blog:

Marketplace updates generally go live on Thursdays between the release of this blog post and 5pm PT.


The note about Xbox stability testing sounds a bit scary.

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This actually would make me consider upgrading to the premium deluxe from the standard version.

However I still think there is no upgrade path. I would need to buy the whole package, and that’s not happening.

Will this ever be addressed?


My guess is they’re trying to get the Xbox stability stuff working before the SU10 beta and it’s not going well and that’s why they’re STILL not putting anything in writing regarding any anticipated release date for the beta.


We were hoping for the SU10 beta last week already!
Please tell us the status @Jummivana
Thanks so much.


Yes, some wishlist items are now in status “started” like seasons and the market place freeware category to name just two :slight_smile:

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From june 16

‘We will soon begin public testing of our next major update, Sim Update 10 , which is currently slated for release in August.’

Su8 and 9 had 4-6 week betas which werent long enough. I thought the idea of pushing it to late August was to have a solid 2 month beta?

By next thurs we’ll be about 6 weeks from the su10 release.

Any update @Jummivana ?


They can still have a 2 month beta without a 2 month public beta.

When these CFG files are no longer encoded, so we can MOD the planes, when will it be announced that those Mods by Devs, can be distributed as both Freeware as well as being sold, in FS Stores, or even on the MS-Marketplace ?

One assumes the SU10 beta will contain those plane with updated, unencrypted .cfg files. ?

Will Mods to those planes be MS Legal to sell then, or do we have to wait for the actual release of SU10. ?

ie Is it know yet at what time Jorg will announce the ruling on this ?


Interesting that the Chinese localization Wishlist topic got closed.

In an interview last year, Jörg said that they would probably do both simplified and traditional Chinese (article written in Japanese):

I guess the fact that the Wishlist topic is now marked “Completed” means that they have no plans to do traditional Chinese?

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