Official Discussion: June 30th, 2022 Dev Update

I can see that they are more specific on the Weather API now:
It will allow WASM modules to request customized bitmaps showing the terrain and weather around the user’s aircraft.

I do not know what “around the aircraft” translates to in numbers, but it sounds like you will not be able to read the weather for your whole flight - and therefor will not get accurate VNAV and fuel calculations.
I guess they can keep querying for new data along the flight to compansate.


Yeah. And what “weather” to be exact? Precipitation? Wind speed and direction? I’d really like some more info on that.

To me it means before next dev-update and after the dev-update they mentioned soon in and informed us where to find information how to get into the beta. Well, now we know that soon can mean anything though. I just know it will be released before su10 is released for all of us.

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As part of a bug thread I posted a short while ago, I am at about 22 hours of flight time with no crashes. They were rare for me anyway, but the last one I had happened immediately after I switched frequencies, from centre to the tower at a nearby airport to request a full stop landing. Within a few seconds of me requesting that the sim crashed.

I’ve been flying now with Azure TTS disabled, so its completely silent. I’ve not had any crashes yet.

The downside to this is if ATC contacts me, and I don’t have the window open to see it, they will timeout very quickly, and cease services. With Azure TTS on there is an inherent delay as the text is read out. With it off, the delay is much shorter. I feel that should be finessed to offer the period of time as if the audio was playing.

I couldn’t figure out how to get the ATC subtitles to appear at the bottom of the screen, even though I have that option on. I assumed it only works if the audio is on as well?

Still waiting for Simple Traffic to appear in the Marketplace, its been submitted 6 months ago. What in the world is taking so long ?


Yep. If so, then it’s awesome! I’m already dreaming about the DA40TDI engine mod and other improvements.

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I love how the dev update has plenty of links to buy things … now how about you link the important things like where we can vote on this list because “I miss trains” is WAY TOO HIGH.

Or hey how about this, make the images large enough to be legible so I don’t have to open them all in a new tab.

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I’m guessing the model files will still be encrypted, so anything to do with the visual aspect of the aircraft can’t be touched. But systems, and flight model can now be tweaked as with non-Marketplace or Premium/Deluxe products.

Good news all round.

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Although I must say I’m not pleased with everything done by this MSFS Team, in terms of communication they are probably the best I’ve ever seen.


I havent had a crash in probably the last 80+ hours of flying, and i have a few mods and AIG and all that. I only fly GA right now so maybe the airliners have more issues i dont know. I just count myself lucky because i know others have issues.

Could aways use the Flight Recorder mod to at least get you back to where you were.


“Horizon Line Visible Through Mountains and Objects” bug fix is now “Not Planned” :grimacing:?
Is it new or was it reported before? Do they consider a horizon line through mountains normal :astonished:?

Am I missing something here?

EDIT: Oh, I see it was already like that in the June 9th Dev Update. I still find it unbelievable :unamused:.


Which risks running into the same problem they’ve had every beta of Asobo not being able to implement fixes for the problems identified in the testing before the release.
I was hoping the longer development cycle this time would allow MS and Asobo to break out of that cycle but it’s not looking good.

Seems far better to do something along the lines of a 4 week beta starting 6 weeks before release date and give devs that extra 2 weeks to make fixes (and run additional short, focused testing cycles on those if necessary).

(In an ideal world you should be starting beta testing of a update no later than the release date of the previous update so there’s a continuous testing cycle but it seems pretty clear that’s not going to happen)


Like so many companies nowadays you can’t stop them talking about the good stuff, the new features, the new things you can buy, but when there’s a conversation to be had about problems, about things that aren’t going well you just tend to get nothing.

The ABSOLUTE classic example is the debacle last summer with the marketplace.

I should say isn’t a problem with the MS people we see here on the boards etc - they can only pass on the information they are given so if the powers that be don’t want to talk about problems the mods etc aren’t given anything to tell us.


It is not necessary to read the weather from the sim itself (for the entire flight) to get reasonably accurate VNAV and fuel predictions. In real world aviation, pilots do not have access to actual and current observations of upper level winds - “real time” upper wind observations do not exist. The actual upper winds are only directly sampled at 0000Z and 1200Z - all other winds used in flight planning are predictions.

R/W flight planning software uses a computer model prediction of what the upper winds will be - no different than the MeteoBlue NEMS30 model predictions used in Live Weather. SimBrief uses the NOAA GFS model for its upper winds. In multiple long distance flights in MSFS I have found that the upper winds injected into the sim are normally very close to the predictions from the GFS model used by SimBrief and Foreflight.

I must admit you are speaking the truth. At least, we’ve had some of our complaints acknowledged, unlike with previous incarnations of MSFS.

Yep. That’s why I said I’m not pleased with everything :laughing:

I know, but at least they have a prediction on how the weather will be like along the route. Not only “around the aircraft”.

With the talk of an SU10 Beta, can an Xbox user be a beta tester?

Yes, as with the past several Sim Update beta tests, it will be available to all players on MS Store, Steam, and Xbox.

As a friendly reminder, the optional beta build is for testing only. It is not an “early access” version of Sim Update 10, and it should only be downloaded by people who are prepared to help test the patch notes and report bugs to the dev team via the appropriate channels.


Season is in started state already quite some time.


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Nope because ZOO 's around the world ussually do not have that much sand like the dessert.
But wait Australia is already there as a world update, so is it an Emu?

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