[Official Discussion] Local Legend IV: Savoia-Marchetti S.55

i am also noticing that there seems to be a problem with the apu pressure gauge - it’s getting hung up and won’t go to zero even after i turn the apu off.

might be time for me to reinstall this bird. actually, i am going to do that and i’ll report back if it fixes my issues. i have had major problems with the last two mp updates i have received.

Yes, this is a known issue which unfortunately wasn’t caught in time for this update. Sorry about that! It has already been fixed and submitted though, and will be in another update soon. For now please use ctrl-e for a cold and dark start.



The APU pressure gauge will never reach 0. If the pump is off it will settle eventually at 1 atmosphere (ambient pressure).


you know, it would have helped if i had taken the time to read the known issues section of the release notes.

sorry. my bad. thank you for your answer and being patient with me.


just fwiw, the apu pressure gauge is hanging at very high levels, indefinitely right now. i am betting the upcoming patch that addresses the starting issues will resolve it but just wanted to make you aware.

WOW! I am sooo… impressed by this post-release update that I am going to buy one now! This level of support is definitely missing from the other Local Legends.

Plus this seaplane is now on SALE in the Marketplace for only $10.99

Thanks Mike!!!


I’m also tempted now - I wish the other Local Legends / Famous Flyers got the same level of aftercare. Well done!


for anyone wondering, this plane is well worth $15 let alone $11 on sale. it’s a wonderfully fun, odd plane to fly and enjoy in the sim.


The plane really looks like no other. Definitely worth picking up.


Mike, amazing support and lots of improvements added to the iconic S55 !

IMHO the hystorical authenticity and careful attention to details of your creation, not to mention the timely and thorough interaction with the community, are setting a benchmark for MSFS aircraft developers !

Being a veteran simmer and Italian aviation history passionate myself, I wholehearthedly recommend the S55 as one of the best hystorical planes gracing MSFS skies !


Can I ask which version of the sim you’re running (su9 or su10 beta?). I’ve tried every permutation of testing this on su10 (cold start, shut down and restart, starting with engines running etc) and I can’t replicate it. It might be due to the bugged start code in the current version, or could be an su9 issue, or both. I’ve primarily tested it against su10 myself since that will be available soon, but the MS team has been testing against su9 as well, and this has not come up before.

The needle should take 30-40 seconds to start descending from full after the pump is shut off, as it slightly overfills the tank when allowed to completely charge it. It should take a couple of minutes to empty with the pump off.


su9. this was happening to me after 3-4 failed attempts at getting the engines started. the pressure gauge for the apu would sit stationary at the level it was when i tried to start the engine. for example, if it was at 3.5 and i tried starting the engine for the 3rd or 4th time, it would just sit there permanently. again, i am guessing this will not be an issue once the patch comes out. also, i started the plane using ctrl-e and the gauge behaved normal / as expected.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I’ll keep an eye on it.


Many thanks, Mike! Amazing work. Masterpiece…!


@Ramasurinen It looks like elevator trim is reversed when I compare it with default aircraft. Or am I wrong?

Great plane, many thanks for the continued support and updates.
The mark of a professional dev!


Ah, I think I see what you mean, the mouse wheel scroll direction appears to be reversed for the handle. The drag motion is correct. I completely redid the handle code for this update and I must have missed it, sorry. It is exceptionally tricky to get a diagonal trim handle working perfectly for mouse, mouse wheel, xbox controller, and vr controllers.

If there is another update after the next (which is currently in testing) then I will get that fix in.



Yesterday I flew a round with the red s55. Great plane. What I did notice, the plane (in the water) steers strongly to the right of its own. Idle motors.
Steering in the water is difficult. In NY I couldn’t turn on the water.

Thank you! Yes, water handling can be difficult in anything over 5 knots of wind currently. The weathervaning effect on water in the sim is currently much too strong, and there’s nothing I can really do about it. The real airplanes did not have water rudders and neither does this S.55, so the only way to counteract that is by using full rudder deflection and controlling your turn rate with bursts of throttle.

Can you please try this again with light (less than 3 knots) or no wind and see if there’s still a problem?



I just tried it. When there is no wind, the aircraft can be easily controlled. Thank you!