[Official Discussion] Local Legend IV: Savoia-Marchetti S.55

I know a complete rework of water handling is in the pipeline for Asobo at some point, but I don’t know when that will happen. Hopefully soon. In reality it takes a lot of force to overcome the inertia of a 20,000 lb airplane sitting in the water and spin it around, without even accounting for the drag of the water itself, but the sim currently doesn’t take those into account unfortunately.


We wait. Thank you for explaining!

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Bit late to the party but I’ve not been simming or foruming the past couple of weeks, but thanks a lot for the updates! The new S.55X 1933 variant is very nice and much appreciated.


I really like how the metallic surfaces inside the cockpit look on this aircraft, for some reason I find them much superior to the Dornier Do J or the Junkers F13. In the S.55 the metal has some texture that catch the light and shadows in interesting ways whereas those other aircraft have flat metallic surfaces that don’t look as good.


Sorry if not the correct location for this.

Prior to this update I flew the first leg of the Italy - turkey flight, and landed in the advised blue zone. Though I may have been off on heading or speed so was outside the two harbours that look to make up either end of the area.

And there was no triggered ending even when I water taxi back to that are and shut down.

When back at the menu, after manually exiting the flight, the next phase was still locked out.

Now I have not had chance to repeat phase one of that flight route since the last update (the one where have to auto start engines).

Any advice ?

Fantastic model BTW.

If you need to redo a leg, but don’t feel like flying it again: Open dev mode, transport/teleport to destination ICAO four letter code - and then the “leg complete” should trigger.

On Xbox so not Dev.

Sorry, I wish I knew enough to help you with this issue. The missions in the package were done by others, and what I know about mission creation would not even fill a tiny shot glass unfortunately.

I would report it as a bug to zendesk maybe?


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It would be great to have Jahu without modern GPS! Thank you in advance.

What you requested is included in the update released about two weeks ago actually. Jahu never had a gps, but it did have a modern digital comm radio. In the update I removed that and replaced it with an old style simple mechanical radio. The S.55x does have a gps but in that update you will find a livery version called “Decennial 1933” with both the gps and transponder removed for authenticity.

If you don’t see those please check your content manager and grab the updated S.55 package.

There will be one more update coming, in the next two weeks I think, with the final bug fixes. It’s currently with MS’ testing team and I’ll let everyone know when it arrives.



Hello everyone,

We will be releasing an updated version of the S.55 shortly. Please see below for the changelog.


  • S.55 & S.55X: Fixed inverted trim handle mouse wheel scroll direction, and reduced trim increment scale for mouse wheel and Xbox controller
  • S.55 & S.55X Cold and dark manual engine start bug fixed
  • S.55 & S.55X Radio frequency manual selection knobs now work properly without electricity
  • S.55X copilot directional gyro reset and tooltip fixed
  • S.55X Transponder non-functional on cold and dark start fixed

Hi everyone! Seedy just beat me to it, but just wanted to let you all know that a new supplemental update for the S.55 package is available now, which you can access through the content manager. This update corrects all known remaining bugs.

Changes in this update (S.55 v1.5.3) …


  • Copilot directional gyro behaviour improved during gyro reset (was sometimes getting stuck).
  • Copilot directional gyro tool tip behaviour improved (was not displaying heading correctly when knob was depressed).
  • Transponder should now be functional during cold and dark (apron) starts.

S.55 & S.55X:

  • Cold and dark manual engine start bug fixed.
  • Mechanical radio frequency selection knobs now function properly without electrical power.
  • The trim handle’s inverted behaviour with mouse wheel scrolling is now fixed and the scrolling increment scale has been reduced for finer control.

(Please note that Xbox controller trim handle increments may still be reversed animation wise. Due to the base angle and location of the handle on screen It does not seem possible to reconcile this issue without breaking VR trim handle interaction in the process. Xbox controller ‘dragging’ works correctly though. I will continue to investigate this if possible. )

As always if you have any issues please let me know.

Thanks, and happy flying!



I did a nice flight today in Alaska with the S.55x. Great aircraft!


Picked this up due to the low cost and the developer’s continued updates and communication in this thread. I’m glad I did. It’s a lot of fun to fly! We just need some more sea plane bases (with parking) from Asobo!

Thanks to the developer and MS/Asobo for bringing this wonderful, old, weird, fun plane to the sim!


Lots of SPBs for Alaska here:


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