[Official Discussion] Local Legend V: Beechcraft Model 18 ("Twin Beech")

Just captured the GS at KSBP RWY 11 in beta .13.


Mhm… I need to check, maybe something is interfering with the aircraft.

Despite that the release and therefore the decryption of marketplace aircraft can’t come soon enough(maybe the performance optimization needs more time), so modders can get their hands on the Twin Beech.

SU10 here, no issues capturing GS even when engaging landing lights.

  • Make sure correct ILS freq is set
  • Make sure you are already in Alt mode
  • Switch to Loc mode

Wait watch the light and done…

I don’t know waht my problem was, but I have sucessfully catched the glideslope.


Ok, very newb question on this aircraft.
Can someone tell me/show me where the fuel level gauge is?
Not the fuel selectors, but the ‘how much in the tank’ guage.

Lower left corner of the instrument panel. By default it is “off”. Next to it is a 5 position selector switch that you need to set to one of 5 positions — Off, Main L, Main R, Aux L, Aux R. The gauge will only display one tank’s level at a time.


Wish they made a freighter version of this plane! Maybe Carenado could offer that as an expansion, I’m sure many people would get their hands on it.


Thank you!

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Just out of curiosity, is there someone working on a beech 18 with nose gear or floats? I would like to see one with nose gear as that was my father’s plane and I would like to see it in game so I could do the flights he would do


Just googled it and it does exist and looks great, shame they do not go in depth with systems with quite a few of INOP, for sure a float variant would be a nice addition!

Probably one of the best Local Legend, instead of doing one per update they could focus more on one and release every other update, then again that logic applies to core simulator too.

Also in VR is amazing and fully compatible.

@Wardaddy5435 did you move the knob behind the levers?