Official Discussion: October 14th, 2021 Development Update

Best, and most logical thing to do here is to expect nothing, regarding decent aircraft. That way, when the inevitable happens and we get either nothing, or something pretty rubbish, there is no disappointment because the expectation is low.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 6 or so weeks, anyway.

I do think some answers need to be sought though, regarding the lack of aircraft. Well, good aircraft. As the garbage is still getting through.

Why are there bugs that are in the justflight aircraft that they themselves can’t replicate? Why does the marketplace version of the spitfire STILL not have a closing door? Why are some of the Carenado planes STILL not available on the marketplace?

These are pertinent questions that need an answer. Well, they needed an answer months ago, to be fair.

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I don’t know if there is an answer other than some companies put money into making a good product, other companies put money into showing up on the feed in the lower right corner of the home screen and few companies put money into both (but their products aren’t ready yet).

Do you have any links that indicate this? It’s a pretty serious accusation to level at someone, especially if it’s spyware.

Hi @Jummivana please could you confirm if the water reflections vr bug is fixed? In the feedback screenshot it says fixed in SU6, but there was no mention of it in your post or in the beta patch notes I saw.

It would also be appreciated to get any further feedback on the vr building shimmering / aliasing if possible as it seems to have been removed from the list but is spoiling the experience for many of us since SU5. Thank you!


In the list of upcoming updates, I saw nothing that could solve problems with rendering on this topic

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Is there a point to these development updates?? The wishlist and bugs snapshots are the exact same everytime…You’ve been showing the same bugs and wishes for months


The only way that would change significantly would be if they were all fixed in between the dev. updates. That’s not realistically possible.

If new issues arise, which might occur when SU6 is released next week, new topics may get created, and if they get more votes then you will see smaller changes.

These forums are full of hour one reports of completely broken planes purchased from the marketplace. How does 3-4 hours (or “a lot longer” even) checking “everything” continuously miss so many obvious and fundamental problems?


Still no acknowledgment of broken achievements and bush plane missions. Unbelievable.


Hmmm, is this not the same Developer that had their previous aircraft dropped from SimMarket because it was a direct copy/paste of a DCDesigns/Just flight aircraft flight model and systems?

If you have pulled that sort of shady act previously and got caught…

I’m not sure. I’d never even heard of Deimos Inc. to be fair. But this thread seems to indicate all their products were pulled from SimMarket back in April.

Quite the opposite, their product seems to have got approved ahead of other more worthier, and more “legal”, products.

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Where are the weekly activities? Just re-release the old ones FFS. How long would it take to do this? 3 minutes?

No one on Xbox has played a single one yet.


Tell you what there’s some proper garbage on the marketplace this week. Just sim airports…urgh, Deimos…enough said. Lots of really low quality addons and the asking price is over 10-15 quid!


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What’s wrong with that?

If it’s an airport I enjoy flying from regularly then I have no issue with paying £10-15 for that airport.

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The texture quality is poor across those airports for 15 quid. When you consider you can get an lvfr that’s of similar or better quality plus landmarks that price point.

For a couple of quid more you can get airports from drzewiecki that have custom animations and quality interiors.

Have you tried any of them youself, or are you going by the thumbnails on the Marketplace itself? I confess I haven’t looked myself, I got the email later in the day, and was not able to check at that time.

The “broken” links go to the last beta test, PerformancePlus section of the forum. Only those who were in this test have access to the link.


Slightly ironic after the “xbox takeover, ignore pc” conspiracy theorists


They don’t go anywhere for me, ergo Broken.