Official Discussion: October 28th, 2021 Development Update

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Can we please get an honest answer from the Asobo/MS team on the WASM coding issues that are currently keeping Just Flight’s Arrows off the market place in addition to causing the door bug on the FI Spitfire?

Is working with these developers a priority and how many other developers can’t bring their products over due to this? FI has stated they won’t even consider bringing the P-38 to the marketplace/Xbox until these issues are resolved. As Xbox users can we no longer expect more complex and quality aircraft in the sim?


Yes! Looks like Tobii support is in for SU7, thanks so much!

Can we please get an answer if there’s any progress made concerning the so called “rendering channel” Asobo took down?

Missing this “rendering channel” affects performance badly when using third party aircraft like the DC 6.

Cheers Mark

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will there be a BETA for SU7?

LOWI (Orbx) still not updated in Marketplace :frowning:

No fix for all its users with 20 to 30fps from 40 tp 60 after 30 minutes to an hour long flight


I read somewhere it’s a closed beta for actual pilots of certain aircraft to test flight dynamics.

EDIT: Yeah was in the first paragraph of the dev update post: [Blog] October 28th, 2021 Development Update - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Yes. Good recommendation for new players. Because after few last Marketplace updates we have tons of payware airports and few payware airplanes with a lot of bugs.
I do not understand why all airplane developers publish posts about new airplanes or updates while nothing appears on the in-game Marketplace.
It looks like problem on Microsoft/Asobo side.


I think it’s very simple, they don’t care at all. We’ve only asked about the WASM coding, JF Arrows, Spitfire door bug, and the remaining Carenado aircraft almost weekly with no response. Not even as much as an acknowledgement. That should tell all you need to know about how they view Xbox users and the marketplace. So disappointing and really puts a bad taste in your mouth.


They have an insane backlog that takes up to 16 weeks (!) to deplay stuff on the marketplace…

Hopefully SU7 fixes the stuttering that happens on takeoff and climb on the first flight when you load the sim. After the first takeoff and climb if you quit to main menu and reload the flight it’s smooth. This was introduced with SU6 and is worse in certain aircraft (FBW A320, AS CRJ) but still present in the JF arrows and T1.

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I think the closed beta for “real life aircraft experts and peripheral users” is a good sign. I’m hoping this leads to improvements and closer to real life behavior.

I honestly will never understand the reason to keep two months past information on their dev snapshots while even the following month is not yet properly planned… Thanks but yes I do know what did happen in September…


I continue to be really puzzled by the way Asobo approach peripherals. This latest call for “peripheral teaters” and particularly the phrasing “supported peripherals” baffles me a little.

Are Asobo not using standard API’s to manage input controllers? Why this rigid adherence to a select group of products?
I don’t see WinWing, Virpil, MFG, Slaw Device or VKB on their lists at all, (and VKB’s Gladiator NXT must be the “go to” mid tier joystick since it was released.)
Zendesk once responded to a bug report that I submitted with “sorry but we do not support your peripheral” (note, I actually reproduced the particular behaviour with a Thrustmaster T16000 in addition to my own Virpil kit so I was a little surprised that the response was so dismissive.) I’m just confused as to how they can even suggest that an input controller is not supported unless they have decided to abandon industry standards in favour of some proprietary system.

My guess is that this is about dedicated hardware like trim wheels, radio panels, etc… They do not always seem to play nice with MSFS. My VKB Kosmosima works perfectly well with MSFS btw. :slight_smile:

I get what you mean about radio panels. My understanding is that the older Saitek ones can be a little tricky to get working.

But everything else is just a collection of axes, buttons/switches and encoders most (if not all) of which is surely supported by the standard windows API’s?
Any complex trickery would be better handled by manufacturer created software and all Asobo need to do is provide the ability to then map those inputs to functions in the sim.

Whether a hardware trim wheel is an axis or a rotary encoder doesn’t really matter as if you have the ability to map either an axis or a switch input

I just can’t understand what they need to test here and what they are doing/keep doing that would break it.

This can’t simply be about Asobo creating pre-defined “default profiles” because surely those would be easy enough NOT to break with each update?
And there isn’t any support for force feedback or VR controllers that I know of.
Are Asobo making this harder than it needs to be for themselves?

As do my Virpil joystick, rudder pedals and throttles. - because they are simply windows compatible games controllers at the end of the day. All this “supported hardware” thing is utter utter nonsense.

Forgive me if I’ve missed it (I have looked, honest!) but I’ve not seen anything further about how/when applicants to participate in this test will hear anything back. Time is marching on so I’d assumed confirmation of acceptance or rejection would be sent out quite quickly but I haven’t seen any post that goes into detail about the timetable. Would be helpful if someone with inside knowledge could clarify.

Many thanks

@Jummivana could you maybe shed some light as many will have the same question I suppose. Thanks!