[Official Discussion] October 6, 2022 Development Update

no news about the beta ?


Really? That’s concerning, if the SU 11 open beta isn’t ready to start next week. Time for an open beta is running out …


Where is the Hellcat!?

Not sure what happened with todays update! I would like to say WOW!!!
The night lighting has been greatly improved, good mix of white and yellow
like in real life. I also have had no stutters or CTD. i will be doing a lot of night
flying tonight. Using DX11 had issues with DX12 earlier in the week.

Keep up the great work Microsoft/Asobo


The TBA for December is gone, I was getting my hopes up for something.

Nothing happened in today’s update but the new AIRAC navdata cycle. There were no changes to sim code at all.


But what about the improved night lighting?



Did anyone get the Bonanza V35B update stated to be released earlier today? I still have the same version from the original release.

Did you also see the night lighting improvement.
Or am I not correct in saying that the night lighting is much better?

Has anybody else see the improvement?

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Nightlight is gorgeous. Thought I noticed it yesterday over KATL though. Just fired it up again this time over KLAX. FANTASTIC. It’s just the SU10

Could you point us to where this update is documented?

I’ve not seen any sort of official statement regarding any update to the night lighting.

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Ah, yes, SU10.

However, this morning’s update was just to Navigational data and nothing else.

I thought you had seen something else, since then.

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If there is improved night lighting, it wasn’t with the sim update. The only file that got updated was had “base-nav” in the file name. I was watching the update and this was the only file.

If there is better night lighting the last couple days, it was likely that its from code that was in SU10, but needs the server side feeding it, and they just started. I’m not saying definitely that is the case. But I’m also not discounting people are seeing improved night lighting. Its just it isn’t from the actual update today.

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I would love it if they published server-side changes they were doing as they worked on them.

They have to be doing tweaks to the servers. It would be nice to know what they are.

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Flying around KLAX night lighting is fantastic!!
Crisp and no stutters. If it wasn’t from todays update then ok I’ll take it whatever changed.

Buy the way just so the Bonanza V35 update in market place.

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Yea either way no complaint, I’ll take it lol

Yeap I just got it.

I still need to check it out.

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The TMS Raptor has the Xbox symbol on your screenshot. Small error to annoy me a bit right :sob: I can’t wait to get this plane on Xbox!

The “changed night lighting experience” is just a natural phenomenon…

it depends…
… on the day/season in the year (position of the sun : winter/summer etc)
… where you are (Los Angeles is a perfect example because sun sets over the ocean and the light is longer visible then “behind terrain”);
… on the moon phase (first quarter, half quarter, last quarter, full moon, new moon)

I made a short “light year” video
Time is always 0.00 LA local time … you will see that nights around full moon are much more brighter then new moon nights

(4) MSFS “Light-Year” - YouTube