[Official Discussion] October 6, 2022 Development Update

The TMS Raptor has the Xbox symbol on your screenshot. Small error to annoy me a bit right :sob: I can’t wait to get this plane on Xbox!

The “changed night lighting experience” is just a natural phenomenon…

it depends…
… on the day/season in the year (position of the sun : winter/summer etc)
… where you are (Los Angeles is a perfect example because sun sets over the ocean and the light is longer visible then “behind terrain”);
… on the moon phase (first quarter, half quarter, last quarter, full moon, new moon)

I made a short “light year” video
Time is always 0.00 LA local time … you will see that nights around full moon are much more brighter then new moon nights

(4) MSFS “Light-Year” - YouTube


I’m just happy that the F-117 Nighthawk from Aerial Simulations is finally here on Xbox. Been keeping up with it’s development for some time. Now, I just need Inibuild’s KLAX and Cockspur’s Citation Mustang on Xbox and I’ll be set.

Where have the Live Q&A session gone !!

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Thanks for the answer

Merci pour la réponse

Apparently you missed this thread



I did not see an update for ORBX Alaska Mesh on my XBOX. Was the update only for PC but labeled as updated for PC and Xbox on the Dev update products? Does anyone know what the latest version number is for Xbox Alaska Mesh? I hope it fixes all the ground spikes everywhere. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/uploads/default/original/4X/0/f/7/0f7500350680284caaf61f0224aef15cc82e95bb.jpeg

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