Official Discussion: September 15, 2022 Development Update

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I’m glad there is no marketplace updates this week seeing as I haven’t been able to access the marketplace for the last 3 or 4 days on xbox su10 beta

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Whew, what a build up to what was already announced via third party devs after all. :laughing: At least it’s official now!

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There was no release date, so Asobo launches an update on the blog informing that it will soon give news of the update. :upside_down_face:


Some say SU10 is still out there, roaming the skies. On a serious note though, I’m finally just going to cave and join the beta :smiley:

Still no Update on SU10. :pleading_face: I smell bad tidings for SU11. I’m waiting on SU10 so I can finally buy the TBVO. :unamused:


this is hilarious :rofl:

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I personally think the comment about releasing it “soon” is basically in Nvidia’s corner. They’ve said multiple times that they and Nvidia are working closely to release a new driver, and as that driver release hasn’t happened yet, I think we can conclude that it’ll release when Nvidia drops the driver.

I could be wrong, however I see no reason to not release su10 otherwise


I’m eagerly awaiting the release of su10 that won’t have xbox wasm so we can get to su11 that might have wasm. I mean it would be just great if I could actually use the dc6 I bought before it was a year since I bought it.


This is the only reason I ever bother to fly on my PC.

I can’t wait to have the “six” on my Xbox.

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SU11 will not arrive this year. With the continuous delay of SU10 the subsequent updates will be pushed back as well. The November date will not be feasible and since December is a festive month (most people are on holiday), the whole thing will be pushed to January-February instead. Disappointing but this is the reality now.


Excellent work on this week’s Community Video @avaritiax4034 :+1:


Might come in november with the 40th aniversary edition :man_shrugging:t3:

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thank you! :heart:

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Neither will come in November as I see things unfolding.

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I don’t think SU11 will delayed that much if at all. May be couple of weeks. It’s not like development is halted unless su 10 is out. This SU 10 delay is due to nvidia not having launched the required driver fix. If they release it by next week, that still gives them near two months before SU 11. If SU11 is even remotely in an acceptable state by then, i think they will release it as this is the anniversary edition and there is a huge amount of PR associated with it.


Well, the way they’ve got it planned is SU11 is the 40th Anniversary Update, which has a release date of November 11th, but seeing as how you’re most likely correct…they will need to change up their wording.

We’ll still have the 40th Anniversary Update, but it won’t include SU11 if SU11 is delayed (which is likely to be the case).

But, in the same vein, the 40th is to include Helicopters, which is comprised of new code…that’s supposed to be coming with SU11.

See how MS/Asobo have put themselves in a corner?

I want this Platform to last. I don’t want it to go the way of some other franchises that get too ambitious or pack too much in, things become bloated and they’re forced to pull the plug.

I still believe Asobo has what it takes, they just need to find their footing. That’s why I’m anxious about SU10.

I hope it puts not only us, the consumers at peace, but allows Asobo to sit back and breathe…even take a vacation.

Can someone tell us what the SU11 is for?

All I get from this Deveopment update is this: just hold.